Samothrace's festivals are very beautiful. You will have the opportunity to admire in them the local costumes, traditional music and traditional dances that make them special and give them special vitality.
In almost all seasons of the year, festivals are held in which the inhabitants express their deep faith and worship.
Some of them are:
Saint Athanasios, on January 18, near the village of Alonia
Three Hierarchs on January 30 in Chora. On Diakainisimo Thursday
The feast of Panagia Kamarotissa, of the Ascension in Therma, on July 20 in Prophet Elias, on July 26 in the chapel of Agia Paraskevi near Paliapoli, on August 6 in the chapel of the Transfiguration of the Savior and on the fifteenth of August in Therma.
The settlement of Prophet Ilias celebrates together on July 20, the day of the Saint who gave his name to the village, with a big festival! The settlement is located at a distance of 13 km from the port of the island and its church gathers people from the surrounding villages, as well as many visitors.
An important celebration for the people of Samothrace is the anniversary of their liberation from the Turkish yoke (October 19, 1912). On St. Thomas Sunday, Samothraces celebrate the memory of the 5 Holy Martyrs of Samothrace, (Manuel, George, Michael, Theodoros and George) who were martyred in 1836 for the faith of Christ and the Fatherland.

Among the traditional products for which the prefecture is famous, it is worth trying the oil and olives produced by the Agricultural Cooperative of the Municipality and, of course, the local cheeses such as mizithra and xerotyri produced by the farmers themselves in small batches, traditional cheese factories.
Also, try the local raw flower honey and the royal jelly offered by the village beekeepers. The small production quantity is a sign of its good quality. Of course, Samothrace does not lag behind in the spoon sweets made from local fruits such as sour cherries, stone cherries, quinces, apricots, wild figs and wild plums which the inhabitants call 'Prousto and which is only made here!' . The sweet walnut spoon is also wonderful.
Finally, the pastries of Samothraki still retain something of the deliciousness of yesterday!.. The island's bakery in Chora has been operating for over 150 years and makes wonderful village yeast bread and seven-leaved nuts. Its real... specialty, however, is chickpea yeast bread.

Editor: Fotini Anastasopoulou