Samothraki is a verdant place, drowned in dense vegetation. The dominant trees are olives, oaks, chestnuts, plane trees and shrubs. Mount Saos or Saoki with its imposing peak, Fegari (1670 m.) is a great challenge for climbers. Very close to the Baths, in dense vegetation are the Vathres (natural pools). The visitor is enchanted by the unique beauty, abundant waters and the waterfalls. The route next to the Fonias river, among plane trees, alders and ferns, is unique.


Samothraki presents unique natural wealth and beauty. The numerous waterfalls and their lakes are the places with the greatest variety of plants and animals. Homer called Samothrace "polytree". And indeed, its forests, full of oaks, plane trees, chestnuts, cedars and many other types of trees, cover a large part of the semi-mountainous zone at an altitude of 200 to 700 meters. At a lower altitude, forests of century-old plane trees spread out, which often go down to the beaches. There is a great variety of shrubs, such as myrtles, oleanders, but also aromatic and medicinal plants, such as mint, thyme, chamomile. According to studies, around 20 rare species of shrubs grow on the island.
On the coast of the island, nature has created unique wetlands. A typical example is Vdelolimni, which is mostly covered by an alder forest. The shallow water areas are a natural refuge for a wide variety of insects, reptiles and migratory birds. More than 90 species of birds have been recorded on the island, these are seabirds, waterfowl, birds of prey such as the stork, nocturnal predators such as the tern, but also quails, terns, etc.


In Samothraki, Fengari peak (altitude 1,627m) of Mount Saos, the highest peak of the Aegean after Psiloritis, awaits you to conquer it.
If you want to go hiking, there are many alternatives since the nature of the island is beautiful.
The signposted routes currently available are Therma - Moon and Fonias - Lock.
Other suggested routes are Ano Meria - Fegari, Varades - Karia, Paliapoli - Chora, Chora - Fegari, Prophet Ilias - Sphendami, Panagia Krimniotissa - Agia Thekla
The mountaineering club of the island "Fegari", some summers organizes a climb to the top of Mount Saos on the August full moon.
The route is difficult and requires experience and good physical condition, but it will certainly give you unique memories.


The island of Samothraki offers wonderful landscape changes and surprising contrasts.
There are areas where the green rages, with the plane trees touching the sea, and where the beaches are stony, but beautiful as a landscape, spotlessly clean to offer you an enjoyable swim.
Many beaches you will find along the road accessible area of ​​Samothrace, such as route from Kamariotisa to the Campings, the stream of Fonias and even beyond, to the Gardens. Some of them operate small beach bars that have created ease of access to the sea, while the beach of the Natural Living Camping is beautiful and ideal for admiring the sunset.
Easy-to-access beaches without stones are mainly Kipoi, a huge beach with small pebbles in the East of the island, overlooking Imbro and Pachia Ammos, in the south of Samothraki, the most crowded and "worldly" that we would not recommend to those they are looking for peace and have come to enjoy the natural beauty of the island.
The best beaches of the island, located between Pachia Ammos and Kipi, can only be reached by sea. Vatos, Kremasto, Katarti are small sandy bays with rocks, caves and a wonderful seabed waiting for you to explore them. If you don't have your own boat, the day trip of the special tour boat that starts every day at 12.00 noon from Therma allows you to enjoy the above beaches, the "Hanging Waters" waterfall that flows into the sea and the geological work of art " The Cloths of the Old Woman".
If you wish, you can spend the night at Vatos beach and return with the next boat route. After all, this area is particularly interesting, with the caves, the spring that flows into the sea and the raging vegetation that climbs up the mountain, which will surely fascinate nature lovers.
Finally, swimming in the pedestals, the famous lakes in which dozens of waterfalls and rivers of the island end, is a unique experience, which is chosen by the visitors of the island. The island is said to have more than 100 such pedestals that few know about. However, the easiest to swim and hike are a succession of pedestals starting from Vathra tou Fonias, Gria Varthra and Vathra tou Christos.