Nafplio Festival
Nafplio hosts an important music festival, which gathers the music-loving audience of the word music every summer. Nafplion residents, but also permanent visitors from all over Greece and the world find the opportunity to enjoy in the historical places of the city, in Palamidi, the Parliament, Agios Georgios Square, Arvanitia, Syntagma Square and Bourtzi, listening to performances offered by soloists and music ensembles of international prestige.


  1. CARNIVAL (Last Sunday of Halloween)
  5. KIANA (August)
  6. PORTES PAPALINAS (September)


Epidaurus is world famous for the ancient Theater with its amazing acoustics, unique symmetry, incomparable beauty. The theater of the Asklepiion of Epidaurus is one of the most perfect forms of theater architecture of antiquity. The monument is kept in very good condition, while in the adjacent museum, the visitor can admire parts of the dome and the Temple of Asclepius, as well as other remarkable finds from the area.

In the summer months, the ancient theater hosts the "Epidauria", the festival of ancient drama that gathers thousands of theater lovers from all over the world. Great dramatists, Greek and foreign, had the opportunity to present their personal approach to the masterpieces of their art to the demanding audience of Epidaurus. In recent years, musical events have also been held at the Micro Theater of Epidaurus. The prestige of the festival, the sanctity of the place, the beauty of the landscape make visiting Epidaurus a necessary experience that everyone should experience at least once in their life.

Koliaki, which apart from its amazing view, is a challenge for gourmets, as it is famous for its noodles and bread.
The cheeses made by Aresthanas, the shepherd, were probably equal in quality to the current cheeses of the region, whose cheese-making tradition is lost in the depths of the centuries. So is the tradition of the region's award-winning bread. The land of Epidauria is famous for its dairy products, when, lost in the depths of mythological times, a goat nourished and saved from certain death the abandoned newborn Asclepius.
The Epidaurus Festival began in 1954 with only three performances of Euripides' Hippolytus. Since then almost all the ancient tragedies, comedies and satyr dramas that have survived have been taught. Theatrical performances may be considered entertainment, but ancient drama is taught in selected places, next to sanctuaries. FESTIVALS of May 6th , SAINT THEODORON and


The events that one can attend in Ermioni are: "the yala-yala", the Epiphany, the unique and special way of celebrating it, the Kouloumas in Mandrakia on Maundy Monday, the burning of Judas on Easter Sunday, the cultural events of August with the highlight of the Choir Festival. In Iliokastro the festival of St. Apostles on June 30. In Thermisia, the festival on the day of the Annunciation, March 25 and August 15, the festival in Ag. Catherine.

Editor: Fotini Anastasopoulou