In Nafplio you will climb the 999 steps to the Venetian castle of Palamidi, from where you will admire the magnificent view, but also live for a while inside the suffocating prison of Kolokotronis.
You will walk through the noble alleys, with the elegant flowery balconies of the old houses and the road will take you to the beach where the Venetian Burzi dominates.
Do not miss to stand for a while in front of the door of Agios Spyridon and take a close look at the bullet that cut the thread of the life of Ioannis Kapodistrias

There are many events that take place every year under the auspices of the Municipality and the Municipal Enterprise for Cultural Development of Nafplio.
Festivals, musical events, concerts with renowned artists, philatelic exhibitions, photography exhibitions, musical dances and of course the traditional Anapliot carnival. More..