Near Galaxidi, in the area of ​​Agia Efthymia, a special route of the Acropolis rally takes place in June.

The Municipality of Galaxidi included: Vounichora, built at the foot of Mount Elatos, at an altitude of 700m, home of the heroes of the pre-revolutionary struggle, Vounichouriotis and Vlachothanasis. The small but historic village of Penteoria, with presence and participation in the struggle for the freedom of the homeland from the Turkish imposition and finally Agioi Pantes, a village consisting of three settlements, two inland and one coastal, picturesque, with a wonderful beach and fish taverns, remarkable resort of the region.

The communities, which together with the capital make up the Municipality of Amfissa, and you can visit are:

Elaionas (Topolia) :
a picturesque village with deep-shaded plane trees, abundant spring water, a wonderful waterfall and "living traffic"
Prosilio (Segditsa) :
which consists of three settlements, the old village, Viniani (lower village on the plain) and beautiful resort with the monastery of Panagia, where Kosmas Aitolos lived as a monk for a short time. In the location "Kapsitsa" of the Prosilio area, a forest village was built, the 21 wooden houses of which are literally buried in the fir forest
, Drosochori (Kolovata) :
where its population moved to Amfissa, but it is being rebuilt as a wonderful resort
, Agios Georgios, Agios Konstantinos and Sernikaki: three contiguous picturesque villages spread westward in the plain of lion trees
Agia Efthymia :
the village of Astrapogiannos and Giannis Scaribas, built on the ruins of Ancient Myonia.
Also at the 51st km of Amfisa-Lamia, the " Vagoneto " Mining Park-Museum of Underground Mining of the Bauxite area operates

Parnassos, Giona and Vardousia are one of the most beautiful and suitable mountains in Greece for hiking and mountaineering lovers. They are crossed by the European path E4. The accommodation of climbers is in the mountain refuges: Parnassos, at an altitude of 1900 meters, Gionas, at an altitude of 1700 meters (Lakka Karvounis location) and in both of Vardousia.

HIKING IN THE REKKAS CANYON A unique hiking experience is offered by the Rekkas
Gorge, which starts from the top of Gionas to the plain of Viniana (for 12 km). The vertical steep slopes rising to a considerable height and the changing landscape, combined with the waters flowing from the three springs, lend a wild beauty and make the gorge a remarkable place for mountaineering, scientific observation and environmental education.

The Sykia climbing field with its negative slopes is one of the best centers in Europe and offers great thrills to sports lovers.

Many slopes (Kofinas site in Amfissa, Prophet Elias in Malandrino, Itea-Desfinas area and others) are ideal for paragliding. Take-offs are made in all wind directions. For more information call: 22650-34548 and 6944-862974.

The extensive shores overlooking the Gulf of Corinth offer surface and underwater fishing.

The habitats of the mountains of Fokida provide abundant game of wild boar, hare and mountain partridge, while the Parnassis Controlled Hunting Area attracts many hunters from all over the country.

The dense network of forest roads, which crosses all the mountains of Fokida, brings the visitor close to streams, mountain peaks, dense fir and oak forests with gurgling springs and beautifully landscaped recreational areas: Paleopanagia of Delphi, Agia Triada of Kaloskopi, Thesi Tsouknida -Potidaneas, Pouliani-Perithiotissa place, Agia Eleousa, Kyrgia square, Polydrossos, Pratta-Lakko-Pentagios, etc.

In addition to the Eptastomos cave, which is located in the Parnassos National Park, there are still many remarkable caves that could be an object of interest, such as the cave of Agia Eleousa-Polydrosos, Neraidospilia-Vargiani, Katavothra-Agoriani, etc.