International Exhibition of Thessaloniki International Exhibition of Thessaloniki
The International Exhibition of Thessaloniki, with its historical continuity and the role it has played for eight decades, is indisputably the national exhibition pillar of the country. The policy it draws is solely driven by the support and promotion of Greek production and entrepreneurship and by extension the development of the national economy, both nationally and internationally.
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Greece, according to ICCA data, is in 19th place in the world conference market, having hosted in 2006, 111 ICCA conferences. The excellent climate, unparalleled natural beauty, rare cultural reserve, renowned hospitality and rich nightlife and cultural entertainment, make Greece an ideal destination for organizing conferences.
's development strategy aims to promote Thessaloniki and Greece in an International Regional Exhibition Center, the center of a Wider Region that includes countries that are not only geographically adjacent, but also have strong cultural, economic, religious and political ties to Thessaloniki and Greece, but the vast majority of them are emerging economies, emerging markets, suitable for tracking and exploiting opportunities for high-yield international trade transactions. Helexpo