sea ​​sports

Pieria hides alternating coasts, with noticeable differences between them. Different activities are offered to the sports lover, depending on the characteristics of the landscape. You can enjoy them all in one day, due to the short distances: swimming, parasailing, windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing, pedalo, canoeing, sailing, diving with the help of experienced divers.

In the temple of Prophet Elias, in Paleo Panteleimon, there is a runway for taking off paragliders and hang gliders. The athlete delights in the insurmountable spectacle and finishes on the shore.

On quiet forest roads, on isolated paths, where only the sounds of nature can be heard, the adventure lover will practice mountain biking or horse riding. In the estuaries you will enjoy enchanting all-terrain car drives, meeting the lovers of river routes, using inflatable boats. In addition to the natural slopes of Olympus and Pieria, there are artificial climbing tracks at the Litochoro Sports Center and the Katerinis Sports Complex.

In Elatochori, in the Pieria Mountains, there is an organized ski center, with a 2.33-meter central piste, a 4,800-meter peripheral piste and a 250-meter beginner piste.

For climbers, Olympus is a privileged place. Mountaineering associations have carefully organized routes and welcoming special shelters. The roads and paths that cross the massif, however, allow the visitor who does not have special mountaineering interests or knowledge to get to know the mountain, the varieties of flora and fauna and its natural beauty.
The easiest routes start from Litochoro.
The next station, after walking on the E4 mountain path, through the Enipea ravine, is Prionia, at an altitude of 1,100 meters. There the visitor can relax and get information about what to do next. Prionia can be reached either by hiking for 4-5 hours, or by car, from a forest road. Along the road there are special places where one can rest. From Prionia, the hardy climber can head to the "Spilios Agapitos" shelter (altitude 2,100 meters).

"Prionia - Refuge Spilios Agapitos - Peaks"

From 1100 m to 2100 m of the refuge "Spilios Agapitos" on a wide, beautiful path in a pine and beech forest. From the shelter to the purely hiking peaks "Skala", "Skolio", "Agios Antonios" and the more difficult "Mytika" we move in a forest with robolas at the beginning and alpine landscape afterwards with paths in good condition..
From the shelter to " Zonaria", "Mytika", "Stefani" and "Plateau of the Muses" the path is comfortable, but on a loose field, under gullies and steep slopes.
From the refuge to the "Plateau of the Muses" there is also the "Kofto", a shorter but more difficult path, with a local snow passage with the help of a cable.
22 km from Litochoro, on the eastern side of the mountain, 2.30 hours march from Prionia, where the car arrives. It has 100 beds, mattresses, bedding, rainwater tank, electric fireplace, heating and kitchen. In the summer, there is also a restaurant.
"Gorcia - Plateau of the Muses - Peaks"

From 1100 m to 2700 m of the "Plateau of the Muses", where the shelters "Yosos Apostolidis" (2760 m) and "Christos Kakkalos" (2650 m) are located. The course is beautiful, in pine and beech forest up to 2000 m. of the "Petrostruga" location, where storms are frequent. Then follows a path in a forest with rombola and then in an alpine landscape with a good path. From the peak "Skurta" at 2450m. to the shelters, narrow pass "Laimos" and loose field "Kangelia", but with a comfortable path they lead to the "Plateau". Long route without water with many hours in the alpine zone which necessarily means an early start.
From the refuges of the "Plateau of the Muses" to the purely hiking peaks of "Skolio" and "Agios Antonios" but also to the more difficult gullies of "Stefaniou" and "Mytikas" we move below "Stefani" to "Zonaria" in loose but wide path, down steep slopes and gullies.
"Mytikas" and "Stefani"

We approach using the previous routes with the difference that in the final effort we move for about an hour in a difficult field, without a path and with slopes that require climbing.
A) From "Skala" to "Mytika": Easy climbing without safety equipment, but on loose and locally very slippery rock, with a lateral passage at the beginning.
B) From "Luki" to "Mytika": Easy climbing without safety equipment, but on loose rock with frequent rockfalls, caused by advancing groups.
C) From the chute of "Stefani": The same as the "Luki" of "Mytikas", with the difference that the ascent ends just before the "Stefani" peak, as climbing materials are required for the last few meters.