The International Festival of Olympus hosts international and Greek theater groups, presenting ancient and modern drama. It also hosts contemporary theater performances, ballet and music concerts. In addition to the quality of the guest acts, an important advantage of the Festival is that its events take place in the mystical spaces of the ancient theater in Dion and in the enchanting Castle of Platamonas.
The International Folklore Festival hosts traditional music and dance groups from around the world. It belongs to the International Council of Organizers of Folk Festivals and Folk Art (CIOFF). The organizer of this Festival is the Pieridon Museums of Katerinis.
Pieria's cultural events are complemented by music concerts and art exhibitions. In addition, experienced local theater groups operate in Pieria, such as "Pegasos", the Rachis Theatre, the "Masks" Theater of Litochoros and the theater workshop "Avlaia".

Editor: Fotini Anastasopoulou