In the majestic Pangaio you will find an organized ski slope and snow games. 4X4 routes on forest roads and hiking trails.
Stop at the abandoned settlements, the monasteries and the Forest Village where you will find rooms, coffee and food. In the villages of Pangaios there are traditional taverns with local tsipouro and unique cuisine.
In the mountainous Lekani, nature reveals itself to you on the routes around the Lekani, where you will encounter arched bridges and opportunities for off-road 4X4 routes.
A short distance away, Nestos awaits you with its Straits and its magic.
There is a traditional guest house in Kehrokampos that belongs to the Municipality of Orinos, while you will find wonderful taverns with local cuisine.
When leaving, don't forget to stock up on pure products, noodles, trachana and tsipouro.