Cassandra is the most populated of the three legs. Its plains are golden with cultivated fields, while its rolling hills are densely vegetated and peaceful with fir forests. The inhabitants of the hinterland are farmers who follow the traditional way of life and worthy continuers of the principles of Greek hospitality.
The "festival of the sea" is the ultimate cultural proposal that accompanies the summer evenings of our residents and visitors. Every summer the elite of the country's theatrical and musical performances are hosted in the open amphitheater of the city and offer simple tastes of culture.
A common feature of civilization and the sea is the insurmountable horizons. Having set its sights on these cultural horizons with which Greece is inextricably linked, the Municipality started in 1999 its summer cultural events under the name "FESTIVAL OF THE SEA". From the first moment until today, the course of the festival resembles the route of a ship that travels in the eternal cultural ocean and "ties" at all the ports of the performing arts. In the open amphitheater of N. Moudanion - a "jewel" for the Municipality - on the evenings of July and August every summer - the spectators are introduced to the ancient, classical and modern theater repertoire from the leading state organizations, the National and the State Theater Northern Greece, as well as various equally important Municipal Regional Theaters and theater organizations. But also the music and the song have their honor as most of the names of the Greek ambassadors have given their best on the stage of the6 theater to please the thousands of spectators. So come again this year on our long cultural journey, get to know our cultural proposals and get ready to listen to the voices of our festival guides for a substantial immersion in culture.
Traditional festival of St. Spirit (Pentecost). (Fig).
Traditional festival in June, the three days of the Holy Spirit with music, dance and theater performances. (Fig).
The festival of Panagia on the fifteenth of August. Three-day events, (Sarti).
Traditional festival of St. Athanasiou (January 18), (Sykia).
Horse races of St. Georgiou.

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