Across the Toroneos gulf

One of the biggest events is the "Across the Toroneos Gulf". A marathon swimming race organized every summer by the Nikiti Youth Cultural Society "O Sithon". Also the sports event "Sithonia" and the honey festival attract the interest of many tourists.

Beach soccer, beach volleyball and beach tennis meetings are organized every year on the beach of Nea Moudania with participants from all over Greece.

The village - Agia Paraskevi
is located in the hinterland of Kassandra, surrounded by a pine forest. It took its name from the homonymous church on the outskirts of the village. Agia (as the local residents call it) has a rich historical tradition, while it was destroyed three times by the Turkish conquerors. The visitor has the opportunity to wander through the quiet narrow streets of the village and escape to beautiful paths, which are carved through the lush forest. The inhabitants of the village, simple and hospitable, will be happy to introduce you to the secrets of beekeeping, which is also their main occupation along with olive cultivation. In the village there are small, picturesque taverns, where you can taste traditional Halkidiki delicacies and appetizers, always accompanied by local ouzo or tsipouro.