In the summer, many boats and cruise ships depart from Patitiri for the northern and western coasts of the island and the marine park. Wonderful sea excursions that make your vacation unforgettable.
You can visit the island of Peristera with the pirate's ship and the many ancient shipwrecks, Skatzoura with the white marbles and the abandoned monastery, Kyra Panagia with the monastery of Panagia, Psathoura with the wonderful beach on the south side and the cave of Cyclops in the Yuras. Information and schedule of these excursions can be obtained from the port and travel agencies.
Of course, from Patitiri, the capital of the island, you can also hike, crossing beautiful paths, to unknown, isolated, idyllic beaches.
Murtias (Little and Big) : They are located in the south, near Patitiri, it has fine pebbles, clear waters and wonderful tavernas.
Sinkhole : A hidden cove lined with fine sand.
Marpouda : The beautiful beach of the homonymous hotel complex.
Rousum Gyalos : The nearest beach to Patitiri, with white coarse pebbles and picturesque taverns that offer delicious delicacies.
Votsi : Picturesque port with a wonderful view and romantic taverns.
Spartines : Isolated beach for the fans of solitude and nudism.
Milia : Beach with blue-green crystal clear waters, ideal for lovers of the seabed.
Chrysi Milia : Cosmic beach with fine pebbles, ideal for sports and underwater tours.
Tjortzi-Gialos : A beach with its own distinct color.
Glyfa : Shells and pebbles make up this beach and make it ideal for swimming and sports.
Agios Dimitrios : Perhaps the most beautiful and longest beach of Alonissos. There, beauty and grace were generously given and captured in the deep blue waters and the white beach.
Gialia & Vrysitsa : Northern beautiful beaches, on the outskirts of Old Alonissos with special magic and beauty.
Tsoukalia : A picturesque bay, strewn with fragments and shells, historical remnants of old times.
Megali Ammos and Agallou Lakka : Pristine beaches with crystal waters challenge ascetics and nature lovers. And let the visitor not think that the "gamut" of beaches has been exhausted here. With a boat or an inflatable boat, you can discover new unknown beaches both in Alonissos and in the ten deserts that surround it.

In the Alonissos-B Region. Sporades was founded in 1992, the first National Marine Park of our country, which contains extensive island and marine areas of the wider island complex of Alonissos with special natural, morphological and geographical characteristics.
The Mediterranean seal, or monk seal (Monachus - monachus), is one of the most endangered species in Europe and has placed hopes for its survival in Greece. Once a large number of them lived throughout the Mediterranean, the northern coasts of Africa, the Atlantic and the Black Sea.
The main threats to the survival of the Mediterranean seal are the reduction of available food and its entrapment in fishing gear. Continuous human interventions in the environment, industrial waste, pollution and uncontrolled fishing are some of the factors that contribute to the destruction of habitats and especially to the disappearance of the Mediterranean seal.