It takes place in Chora on the fifteenth of August.

April 23: celebration of St. Georgiou: watching the Divine Liturgy in the small church of the Saint and celebrating the day by grilling meat and drinking wine.

May 21: celebration of St. Constantine's and helen's. In the chapel of St. Konstantinou in "Psili Rachi", after the end of the Divine Liturgy, a goat is offered with spaghetti and warm rice milk (from fresh goat's milk).

July 25: procession of the icon of Agia Paraskevi (patron saint of the island) in the village of Patitiri.

Mid-July: in the Old Village, in Alonia, there is a reenactment of threshing and the traditional preparation of trachana from "chondro" (wheat).

End of July: organization of a fishing evening with grilled anchovies and wine with free entry.

August 15: Traditional Wedding
Alonissos "marries" the gifts of nature with human emotions in a unique way. Traditional weddings are reminiscent of a ritual and are a representative sample of the Greek tradition. The story begins when the best man visits the groom's house with the musicians. Lots of sweets, plenty of wine, tsipouro and other rich treats are their reward. Then they all go together to the bride's house. The door remains closed and opens only when the groom promises a gift to the mother-in-law! Then they all go to church together. The bride wears a traditional dress called a "morka". After the ceremony, those present enjoy braised goat with spaghetti and the feast lasts well into the morning. (source, municipality of Alonissos)

Beginning of September: in the central port of Patitiri, the Patitiri festival is held with the participation of visitors in the pressing of grapes in large "masteles" (wide barrels) for the purpose of producing must and wine. Visitors have the opportunity to taste the well-known mustalevria, a sweet made from must.

The Municipality of Alonissos has been organizing "Kaloyiannia" since 1992. These are athletics competitions in which athletes from all the islands of the Northern Sporades participate.

In the first days of June and every year since 2004, the Alonissos International Marathon is held, which is considered one of the most important sports events of the island.

The island hosts the headquarters of the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy

Source: Municipality of Alonissos