On March 25th, the Annunciation of the Virgin and the National Holiday are celebrated in Messaria with a parade, a theatrical performance by school children and food offering in the courtyard of the church of Evangelistria.
The Panigiri of Panagia tis Akathi, in Chora, (Akahistos Hymnos, movable holiday), is celebrated the day after the last Friday of the Salutations of the Virgin with an offering of food and dancing with traditional musical instruments.
The cultural events of the String Players Association take place every year on August 12, 13, 14 with presentations of traditional dances by the Association's dance groups, traditional instrumentalists and a photo exhibition.
The Dormition of the Virgin Mary is celebrated on August 15 with an offering of food in the Church hall and in the evening with traditional dances in the shops of the island.
The Feast of Agios Nikolaos, on December 6, at the chapel of Faros with the offering of cod and garlic in the courtyard of the church. Transportation is by boat from the island's port.
On Easter day, the islanders gather in the square and play "billions", a traditional game similar to "bowling".
Some traditional products that can be found in Schinoussa are:
The kopanisti
The xinomyzithra
The pasteli in lemon leaves
The oil cheese
Don't miss to try:
The lamb in the oven with rice
The mizithropitakia
The diples (dry-fried)
The grape beans
The etudininia (cheese pies with mizithra, egg and sugar)

Editor: Fotini Anastasopoulou