In Schinoussa we find rare flora, which includes many endemic plants of the Cyclades as well as many trees, thus giving a different version of the Cycladic landscape. The island is included in the Natura 2000 network.
sea ​​activities

Schinousa is an ideal place for sailing and yachting. If you do not have your own boat, ask for information about the excursion boat at Tel.: 2285071948, 6972335217. Most of the island's beaches are suitable for windsurfing, due to the fact that there are strong winds, mainly northerlies.
If you are a fan of diving, the nearby islets of Ofidousa Agrilos, Klidoura have been declared areas of special natural beauty and are suitable for diving.
For those who love underwater fishing and water sports, for those who are enchanted by observing the silent world of the seabed, the waters of Schinousa are ideal.

If you go to Schinoussa by boat, it is worth it to take a tour of the island and the surrounding islets. Starting from Phykio, heading south, we pass the famous Psili Ammos beach and enter Papa t'Avlaki. Followed by Foudana and the two tiny coves of Almyros. Passing the bay of Nikolas we come across the small beaches in the shadow of the rocks on the right edge of the Bay of Bazaios. The natural cave that exists on this beach can offer you shade. After the bay of Liolios it is worth going to Aspronisi with the lonely beach in the southeast. Crossing the channel between Alygaria and Ai - Vasilis requires caution in dry weather, therefore, it is better to go around Fidoussa. The southern wall of rocks is excellent fishing ground, while changing course to the north the beautiful and lonely beach of Fido appears. Continuing north to complete the circuit you will pass Livadi, Chigouri, Mersini.
If you have a boat, the best place to anchor is in Myrsini, the small beautiful harbor to the northwest of Schinoussa. You can moor at the dock where the liner moors, or at the pier further north if your boat is too big. Frost protection is good.

You will go to the beaches of Schinoussa on foot, the island is small and the most time you will need to walk will not be more than 20 minutes
. Tsigouri beach is large, with golden sand and clean, but in some places in the sea it has large stones.
Livadi is one of the best beaches on the island, with blond sand and huge tamarind trees that offer beautiful shade to swimmers. The most important thing is that she is also not "caught" by the meltemias.
Psili Ammos is probably the best beach on the island, with fine sand and dunes that reach up to the rocks. The only negative is that the north gets a lot of it.
Aligaria beach, with transparent golden-green waters, and fine golden sand will charm you!..
On the tiny Mpazaios beach, with crystal clear waters, there is a natural cave, where you can take refuge for shade.
A small castle dominates the sandy beach of Foudana, whose historical identity remains unknown to this day.
On the crystal clear beach of Chochlakia with its thick pebbles you will enjoy the sun and the sea. Have food and water with you or whatever else you will need, because there are no shops.
For those who like the combination of pebbles and sand, there is the long beach of Liolios, where the landscape varies from sandy to rocky and the waters are crystal clear.
If you are looking for peace and seclusion, the sandy deserted beaches of Agios Vasilios and Fido will prove to be paradise. As they are not accessible from land, the only way to get there is by boat, (your own or the excursion boat) but the sight which you will face will reward you with the attractive turquoise waters.