Since the summer of 2007, Sikinos has been leading the implementation of the "Island Plan", a plan for the culture and soft development of the Aegean islands. As part of this plan, the "Festivals of Sikinos" are organized every summer, which include exhibitions, screenings, performances and concerts of various types of music.
MERES FESTIVAL The "Meres" Festival is a series of film meetings and screenings, aimed at bringing the public into contact with the remarkable, mainly Greek, cinema. This year, it is the 3rd year of the festival, which includes Greek and foreign documentaries, in collaboration with the international film festival ECOCINEMA.
THE FIFTEENTH OF AUGUST On the fifteenth of August, the Feast of the Cross, the Entrances of the Virgin, Zoodochos Pigi and Pantanassi, the village gathers, the priest works and the long tables are filled with all sorts of good things: bean meatballs, giants, grape beans, fish and seafood, chickpeas, Sikinio wine and local stuffed goat. The whole village, as well as the foreigners who are on the island, are invited. Everyone participates and is invited to taste the unique flavors and sweet wine of this place. The instruments play, the dancing begins and the blessings take place, as locals and foreigners become one and everyone's faces are filled with carefree and happiness. It is certain that with the Sikinians you will feel welcome and have an unforgettable time, as having a good time is their primary goal.

Editor: Fotini Anastasopoulou