Of particular interest is the folklore museum, which is located in Kato Chora and gathers, among other things, samples of minerals of great importance. This particular museum is one of the few museums that has an open theater (300 seats) in the back area, and in which many artistic events take place. For information, you can contact the Association of Sheriffs at tel: 2281-0-51181.

In Serifos there are many interesting customs and many festivals are organized throughout the year. Some of the most important are the following: The "Kapetania custom", which takes place on the last Sunday of Halloween and has its roots in the Liberation Struggle, the "Festival of Xylopanagia", where the Fifteenth of August takes place around the old olive tree in the square and its name comes from the "fights" with wooden rods of the men to conquer the most beautiful woman on the island. According to tradition, the couple who would be the first to dance around the olive tree in front of the church, would be married within the year. The custom no longer exists nowadays, but the festival continues to exist and is one of the most important on the island. The feast lasts for three days.
Some also important festivals:
Holy Spirit: Holy Trinity, Mavra Voladia, Liomantra in Sklavogianni
July 1: Saints Anargyri in Kalavatsanas
July 20: Prophet Elias in Vounia and Xero Chorio
August 15: Panagia in Ramos and Skopou
August 16: Panagia in Pyrgos
August 24: Panagia Miliani

In Serifos, among other things, festivals are organized by ordinary citizens, the so-called founders. The founders, wearing colorful aprons, pamper and offer the guests, at no cost, dishes they have made themselves (delicious goat with spaghetti, fava beans, wine, etc.). The festivities end late at night, after a long feast of song and dance.

An extremely interesting event of traditional music that takes place in the Open Theater of the Association of Sheriffs, in K. Chora, under the auspices of the Municipality of Serifia, the Association of Sheriffs and local bodies. 10 suraulias and 15 tubias participate, in a musical passage from the time of Mythology to today, surrounded by old and unknown songs of Serifos that have been forgotten.
The sourali is a traditional wind instrument that is played par excellence in Serifos and is made from reeds by the musicians themselves.

Editor: Fotini Anastasopoulou

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