For hikers and nature lovers, Naxos is a real paradise as there are dozens of paths that cross it from one end to the other. Experienced guides will take you to them.

organized trips

Boarding takes place in Chora and follows the central road that crosses mountainous Naxos. It ends in Apollon, a beautiful fishing village on the NE coast of Naxos. The return is in the afternoon from the coastal road.

To Santorini, Delos, Mykonos, Amorgos, Koufonissi, Heraklia, Schinoussa, Kalando.

FIELDS 5X5: in Chora
WIND-SURFING for every level (beginners, advanced, masters):
on the beaches of Amitis and Alykos (for waves), beaches: Agios Prokopis, Agia Anna, Vigla, Pyrgaki (for slalom and speed) .
BEACH VOLLEY: On organized courts
HORSE RIDING: In the forest areas and the beaches of the island.
CYCLING: Along the SW coast from Agia Anna to Kastraki and for the more adventurous, a route from Sagri to the bay of Ayassos. Organized bike tours are also organized, with full equipment. A network of passable dirt roads and small country roads covers the entire area of ​​the island and offers cycling enthusiasts unique routes. At your disposal all the necessary equipment and an experienced guide.


To the Kinidaros River:
From Kinidaros, a rural and rather bumpy road leads to the green valley, in the bottom of which flows the river. You leave your means of transport in Kinidaros and continue on foot. At the eastern end of the valley (Halandra area), are the abandoned today churches of Agios Artemios (18th century building) and Agios Dimitrios. From here following a western course, parallel to the river, you will come across an old stone bridge, small waterfalls and water mills.
In Kalamitsia:
At the entrance to the village of Melanes and following the right fork (relatively easy dirt road), you reach Kalamitsia after 2 km where the Jesuit monk Soze built in 1673 a splendid building, a real palace, in a green valley. Just before we reach Kalamitsa, a trail begins that leads to Flerio and Kouros. There is a relevant inscription on the route.
At Apano Castle:
From Halki, following the road to Potamia-Chora, we reach Tsikalario. Where the village ends, a path leads to Apano Castle. From one point onwards there is no discernible path, but the route follows a circle to the left. The view from the top is amazing. Apano Castle was used in all periods of history until the Venetian rule. We can see traces of walls, battlements and reservoirs. At the SE foothills at the "avlonakia" location, there is a cemetery from the Geometric era. At its entrance stands a "menhir" (upright stone), 3 meters high. From Apano Kastro, we can descend from the western slope and continuing in a NW direction through the fields, we will meet the old path (mule road) that leads to Potamia.
In Skoponi:
You follow the coastal road of Chora-Apollona and shortly after Egares we meet on our right a dirt road that passes by the Faneromeni dam and leads to Skeponi, an abandoned stone settlement, built in a beautiful location with running water.