The special Cycladic architecture of the island is truly remarkable. Here it is clearly seen that the builder managed with wisdom to adapt the residence so that it meets the daily needs of the residents and at the same time fits perfectly into the austerity of the wild Cycladic landscape.
Today we admire the small but perfectly functional interior spaces, how the building adapted to the slope of the ground so as not to need much digging for the foundations, the wise exploitation of the favorable orientation to protect against the strong north winds of the Aegean and the cold, the way the houses connect with the landscape so that they literally become a part of nature itself. The endless labyrinthine narrow streets paved with stone slabs and whitewashed at the joints form an inseparable whole with the whitewashed facades of the irregularly built houses and churches.
A work of popular but wise and admirable art spreads before our eyes in white continuous cubes, under the blinding Aegean light, in dimensions harmonized with the human measure, an idyllic image unique in the world, which will surely remain unforgettable!..
The majority of the few inhabitants of Heraklia are engaged in animal husbandry, agriculture and fishing, while the development of beekeeping is also favored due to the low, bushy vegetation. The island is famous for its delicious traditional cheeses, meats (goat, lamb and pork), fava beans and excellent quality thyme honey.
· On August 15 in the precinct of the Church of Panagia in the village of the same name.
· On the day of the feast of Saint George in the precincts of the Holy Church in the village of the same name.
· On the 28th of August, the eve of the Feast of the Beheading of the Head of Saint John the Forerunner, a great vespers is held in the 1st large hall of the cave of the same name. Crowds of people also flock from the surrounding islands, the sight is spectacular.
· On November 8, the day of the Feast of All Saints. Brigadier Michael-Gabriel is celebrated by the owner Sofia Spanou and her husband Stelios with the help of her sisters Dina Prasinou and Ethalia Dendrinou

Editor: Fotini Anastasopoulou