Heraklia offers peace and relaxation. It does not have a vibrant nightlife, but visitors can enjoy quiet walks, hiking or diving to admire the rich seabed. The entire complex of the small Cyclades, including Heraklia, belong to the NATURA network and are protected areas. The port has drinking water to serve the passengers of the boats that approach it. The island also has a helipad. Remember that in Heraklia there is no gas station or bank service.


In Heraklia there are several paths, some of them lead to beautiful beaches and others to picturesque sights of the island.
A special path that is worth visiting is the one that leads from Agios Georgios to the Cave of Agios Ioannis. The route is one of the most beautiful. The path passes next to the top (eyebrow) of the massif, from where the view is unique and the experience exciting. The specific path is very well signposted and is excellently maintained, which starts at the exit of the settlement, where the little church of Taxiarchis is located. In some places the path is cobbled, for a large part of the route it is a dirt or cement road. At the end of the route you will meet the cave of Ai Giannis, one of the most beautiful of the Cyclades.
Route length 5,200 m.
Route duration 2 hours
A short, easy but quite picturesque route, since from the pass you will be able to gaze at the lacy bay of Alimnia and the beautiful beach of Karvounolakos. You will see the holes in the rocks that have been transformed into goat pens. After all, to reach the beach you will use one of the guide boats.
Route length 2,000 m.
Route duration 40 minutes
It is a continuation of the previous route, in case you do not head to the beach of Alimnia but continue in the direction of Vourkaria and after meeting the first route (1) you will reach to the final destination the port of Agios Georgios. In some places the path has an uphill route.
Route length 6,500 m.
Route duration 2 hours
Short but exciting hiking route, while going up you will have the opportunity to see up close the majestic ruins of the fortified settlement of the Hellenistic period.
Route length 400 m.
Route duration 10 minutes
From Panagia you will climb to Prophet Elias where you will be given the opportunity to enjoy a panoramic view whose beauty will enchant you. During the route the view is also beautiful and at the end the best is in store for you: the spectacular rocks of the bay and the blue immensity of the sea.
Route length 2,200 meters
Duration of route 40 minutes
At the beginning it intersects with the previous path, but you will enter the paved path that goes down and which you will find at the end of the concrete road south of Panagia. Spectacular route and the view from the top is something not to be missed!..
Route length 2,000 meters
Route duration 40 minutes

The coastline of Heraklia includes:
Mild sandy beaches: Ag. Georgios, Livadi, Vorini, Spilia, Alimia
Pebbled shores: Karvounolakkos
Rocky shores: Xylobatis
Steep and precipitous shores: Merichas, Vala
It is noteworthy that all the beaches are clean with crystal clear waters. In the summer there are regular speedboat excursions that include the tour of Heraklia and the beaches that are not accessible to vehicles and pedestrians.
St. Georgios
It is the easiest beach to access for those who don't feel like walking and commuting. The waters have a wonderful blue-green color and the tamarisk trees on the beach generously offer their shade.
A large sandy beach that stretches in length and in width. The islet of Venetiko in front of it and the view of the opposite Schinoussa complete the scene. As it is located on the road to Panagia, it is the beach most people prefer due to its easy access. Ideal for children, since its shallow waters are perfect for their first dives as well as for playing.
With pebbles and relatively easy access from a beautiful hiking route around half an hour from Panagia.
A small beach between Meriha and Alimia. What makes it unique is the incredible color of its waters. The best way to approach is by boat.
Also ideal for diving. After all, under its blue-green waters hides a German plane that was shot down during the Second World War. The rich sandy beach is suitable for unique swimming and relaxation.
Northern Cave
Mild sandy beach in the northern part of the island, quite close to Agios Georgios. Due to the north that blows non-stop the waters are crystal clear and transparent.
Xilobatis, Trimbounas
Low rocky beaches, northwest. If you happen to be there at sunset, you will be enchanted by the feast of purple tones that paint the sea.