1st Route
Zoodochos Pigi Monastery - Panagia Kalamiotissa

At Zoodochos Pigi, where this route starts, you can also go by boat from the port. Before starting, take time to see the Zoodochos Pigi Monastery and the ruins of the ancient temple of Apollo Aiglitos.
The path is generally in very good passable condition, has a good marking and some uphill sections present difficulty as they are steep. The signage is satisfactory and railings have been installed to protect pedestrians in the steep and dangerous areas. At the end of the route, the most shocking view you have ever seen awaits you! The duration of the route back to the monastery was estimated at 2:30 - 3:00 hours.
2nd Route
Zoodochos Pigi - Agios Mamas - Kastelli - Zoodochos Pigi

This route, which passes through places of special cultural interest, can also be done in sections:
A. Zoodochos Pigi Monastery - Agios Mamas. Path with an easy route and a medium slope without steep sections. Condition good to begin with good markings. Then in the area of ​​Halepa the crossing becomes difficult and in the middle of the route the path becomes a bit difficult. About 300 - 500 meters before Agios Mamas it is in very good condition.
Duration one way 1:30 - 2:00 hours approximately.
B. Agios Mamas - Kasteli (connection with Anafi Chora - Z. Pigi Monastery path).
The route through the archaeological site of Kastelli is particularly interesting and excellent. The alternative route to the path (1) -St. Ioannis, it can be done but keep in mind that you will encounter small problems of carving and steep slopes in places. The path Agios Mamas - Kasteli is in very good condition with good markings. Only a part of it 300 - 500 meters before the archaeological site shows a gradient >30%. The route is connected to the path (1) via a private dirt road. Duration one way 1:30 - 2:00 hours.
G. Kasteli - Agios Ioannis - Z. Pigis Monastery.
Good condition of the track with no particular problems. Trail easy to cross and well maintained. In the last 400m - 500m it has been covered by the asphalted road, so an alternative route is suggested following the beach of Monastirios to Monastirios from the left (eastern) slope of the small valley. Duration one way 1:00 hour.
3rd Route
Agios Mamas - Agios Antonios

From Agios Mama up to 1.5 Km to the NE. a dirt road has been opened with good access on the path. The route initially heads east through the vineyards and the valley, crossing the "houses" of special architectural importance for the islands of the southern Aegean. The beauty of the landscape is extraordinary transporting the hiker back decades. The vegetation is distinguished by an alternation of grasslands with trees as well as many vines. The view from Agios Antonios is truly impressive: the temple literally hangs from the rocks and can serve as accommodation.
Estimated route duration 2:00 hours.
You can return from Agios Antonios from the upper side (west of the church). Altitude of return route 230 - 320 m through "houses", with good marking and path condition.
Return duration 1:30.
4th Route
Anafi Chora - Roukounas - Agios Ioannis

The path is in very good condition at the beginning, but after Kleisidi the condition of the path is bad, which is why the Anafi Community has taken care of its opening. Route duration approximately 1:00 hour