The National Marine Park of Zakynthos aims to protect and preserve the most important nesting beaches of the sea turtle Caretta caretta, the habitats and population of the Mediterranean seal Monachus monachus, the habitats of endemic flora, the habitats of protected bird species and its fishing resources marine ecosystem, both from activities at sea and from pollution. (Park Address: Eleftheriou Venizelou 1, P.O. 29100, ZAKYNTHOS, Contact Phones: 26950-29870).

The most photographed beach in Greece, it was named after the ship that was wrecked in 1983 and which was carrying smuggled cigarettes. It is located near the village of Anafonitria and is only accessible by sea. The scenery is really impressive.

They are located in the Aspros Vrachos area, with the largest of them being the "Blue Cave". You can visit them by boat from Agios Nikolaos and a dip in its wonderful waters, with its colors of amazing beauty, is highly recommended.

It is located in Volimes of Zakynthos and has been operating since 2002. In the park, the visitor has the opportunity to meet 200,000 species of native plants, wild hawks, birds, insects and all kinds of native animals. He will also see animals, unusual for Greek standards, from North America and other parts of the world, such as: chinchillas, raccoons, African mini-goats and squirrels. "ASKOS" Stone Park, Volimes Zakynthos, tel. 26950-31650, 6976-061844