The lagoon in the town is a designated wetland, protected by the Ramsar treaty and home to swans, herons, mallards, wild geese, loons and other bird species. The lagoons of the Straits, which have been included in the NATURA 2000 network and are of great ecological importance, are also an area of ​​special natural beauty, as well as the area of ​​Horta, the inner Ionian Archipelago (the eastern side and the surrounding islets) and the salt flats of Lefkada, which operated until in 1985 and are also awarded by UNESCO as an archaeological and industrial monument.

In Egluvi, there are still remnants of the "walks", stone vaulted buildings with walls about half a meter thick where the farmers kept their crops and animals.

The uniquely beautiful waterfalls at Nydri and the precious habitat of the gorge at Dimosari offer unique images. The stone bridges, the water mills, the wells, the springs of Kerasia in Sivros and the gorge of Melissa in Sfakiotes bear witness to the rural character of the countryside of Lefkada.


The eastern side of the island is mild and peaceful, with a developed tourist infrastructure. Here the beaches have the welcoming calm of the shallow sea. Sheltered bays are offered for refueling sailboats, taverns and water sports are generously offered to you. Kariotes, Lygia, Nikiana, Perigiali, Nydri, Vlycho, Geni, Desimi, Poros, Sivota and Vasiliki attract the most visitors.


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