Lefkada owes its name to its southernmost cape, Lefkata, which in ancient times was called Lefkas petra or Lefkas akra. The fourth largest Ionian island, it is located between Corfu and Kefalonia. Narrow strip of sea, which the Corinthians first dredged in the middle of the 7th century. BC, separates the island from Akarnania. In the 7th century BC Lefkada, a Corinthian colony, took part in the naval battle of Salamis, the battle of Plataea and the Peloponnesian War (as an ally of the Spartans). In 338 BC, it was occupied by Philip the Macedonian. It resisted the Romans and finally surrendered after a heroic defense (2nd century BC). In 1479 the island was conquered by the Ottomans, then passed to the Tokkos and finally to the Venetians. In 1864, Lefkada joined Greece along with the rest of the Ionian Islands

. Source: Spiritual Center of Lefkada Municipality