It is worth taking a walk in the neighborhoods of Vrontados with the island architecture and the windmills next to the sea. Most importantly, "Homer's Stone" or "Teacher's Rock", a carved rock by the sea, is believed to have been the teaching school of Homer, Europe's first and greatest poet. Vrontado is well known from the "Rocket War". It is a custom that every year, on the night of the Resurrection, offers a fantastic spectacle, and makes the rounds of the world through the television news on the day of the Orthodox Easter.


On Tyrian Friday night
the Mostra comes up with bell ringers who are disguised in various clothes and shoes, covering their faces with muzzles so that they don't stand out at all for what they really are, they hold sticks, sticks, manguras to dance the Talimi as is customary and they roam among the world with teasing and joking.
On Tyrian Sunday morning
Mostra descends with pirates and pirates because it is a solemn day and the custom begins with church services in the two chapels of Thymian, Agios Dimitrios Ktistos and Agios Ioannis Stenakousons. Then they all meet together at the location of the Stairs of Frankincense and, dancing the Talimi, descend to the center of the village.
After the custom, the carnival begins with the parade of the floats and the escort of groups of 20-30 people each, dressed according to the theme of each float.

Source: Municipality of Chios