Olympus Cave of Chios : The Olympus Cave is a chasm, with a depth that reaches 57m. and such a rich and impressive stalactite and stalagmite decoration, that ranks it among the most remarkable and beautiful caves of Greece.
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Mastic : It is a natural resin that comes from the trunk of the mastic tree (schinos) that thrives exclusively in southern Chios.

The Byzantine museum will give you a lot of information about the Byzantine period which is so rich on the island.

The castle is one of the most important attractions of the city and one of the few inhabited castles in Greece. It was built in the Byzantine era and was the administrative center of the island.

The Maritime Museum of Chios, where you will discover the great maritime tradition of Chios.

The "Adamantiou Korai" library , one of the largest in Greece, was considered before the destruction of Chios in 1822, the most important library in the East. The library includes approximately 130,000 volumes.

Archaeological museum , next to the University of the Aegean. The museum exhibits important findings from the prehistoric, archaic and classical periods, from excavations that took place from time to time in various parts of the island.