Pserimos, one of the small islands of the Dodecanese, is located between Kos and Kalymnos. During the winter months he lives in absolute isolation. It connects with Kalymnos daily in summer and twice a week in winter (40'). It has a good harbor and a relatively sparse ferry connection that thickens in the summer, mainly with the surrounding islands. Small boats can be moored at the pier, so you can come with your boat for a holiday or to explore.
The island is mountainous, with low vegetation, while the natural environment abounds with the highly aromatic native caper, for which it was famous since ancient times.
The island is barren and the approximately 300 inhabitants are engaged in animal husbandry and olive cultivation, since relatively recently, on the initiative of the municipality, approximately 6,000 olive trees were planted. Pserimos has a fishing shelter. There is no shortage of basic tourist infrastructure for the few summer visitors who come to enjoy its sandy beaches and a landscape that really calms you down.

FESTIVALS The only festival
of the island is that of Panagia, which takes place in the Church of the Dormition of Panagia, on August 15.