Life in Pserimos will be simple for the summer visitor. Due to the mild tourist development, it only has some rooms for rent.
You can also come as a day trip from the nearby islands, Kos and Kalymnos, to enjoy the pristine beaches, walk by the sea, experience some quiet hours, as a break from the bustling beaches of the larger and more touristic islands.
The largest and most beautiful sandy beach of the island is Avlakia, and because it is in front of the unique settlement, it is preferred by most vacationers. The waters of the sea are shallow, transparent and crystal clear. It's like an infinity pool.
The island has no roads, but you can easily explore it on foot.
If you want to get to know the rest of the beautiful beaches that Pserimos has, by walking from 10' to a maximum of 1 hour, you can reach some of the beautiful beaches of the island, most of them sandy, ideal for seclusion except during the high tourist season which some days are occupied by crowds of visitors.
So you can walk to Trevathia, Roussa, Vathi or Tafos where they used to manufacture ceramics, while it is also worth looking for Marathousta, Korakia or Glistra, all small magical oases that combine sandy beach and rocks.

The beach of Panagia Grafiotissa is also very beautiful. A small beach with sand and pebbles and very clear water. One arrives after walking about 40 minutes, from the port of the island. It owes its name to the small church of Panagia tis Grafiotissa that stands right on the coast. Traces of early Christian basilicas, 5th AD. century, are in the area.
Vathi is a clean beach of sand and gravel, located a short distance from the port of Pserimos, Avlakia. The path starts behind the Pserimos tavern. Keep in mind that Vathi beach is not organized, so you should bring water and anything else you may need.
Marathousta is located towards the northern part of the island of Pserimos. It has very clear waters and a beach made of fine gravel. The beach is not organized. A path leads to Marathousta after a hike of about forty-five minutes.

Right next to Pserimos is the islet of Plati, with only two inhabitants (a couple).
Plati has some small but very clean beaches, which are visited by those who come with their own boat, but you can also go by boat from Pserimos.
The waters of Plati are considered to be among the cleanest in the Dodecanese.
At the northern end of the Platis island, but also at the southern end, there are two sunken German ships that carried munitions on May 14, 1944. So it's a good opportunity, for those who love diving, to do a little underwater exploration.
On the Eastern coast of Pserimos, on the seabed, lies the carcass of a sunken ship.
The Thor Star was a ship possibly coming from Syria. It anchored on the eastern coast of Pserimos, but due to rough seas, it hit the rocks and sank. The wreck, located at about 20 meters depth, is the site of very frequent diving excursions, both organized and individual.