Kasos is famous for the festivals that take place on the island throughout the summer.
The biggest festival that is organized is that of "Pera Panagia" on the fifteenth of August. Between the sounds of the traditional Aegean lyre and the lagout, the steps of the "sousta" and the "zervo" and the impromptu poetic conversations that characterize these traditional evenings, traditional Kasiot food is offered to everyone.
Another festival worth attending is that of Agia Marina on July 17 and Agios Spyridon on December 12.
The Kasiot festivals have a strong local color, as there are feasts and dances with the local instrumentalists and singers. In many of them old customs are being revived.
Also, every year the municipality organizes three days of brilliant celebrations for the anniversary of the Kasos Holocaust (June 7, 1824).
The world-renowned tenor Marios Frangoulis comes from Kasos and every August he used to give a concert in the picturesque port of Boukas.
The traditional "Boureka House" near the Church of Agia Marina, the "Konaki" in Fry, the house of Papadakis, Pelagias and Fonari in Arvanitochori are of interest. There are also several old windmills.
The biggest festivals of the island are:
Saint Spyridon (12/12) in Fry with food offering, Saint Panagia (15/8) in the village of Panagia, Saint George (23/4) in the Monastery of Saint Marina (17/7), the two-day festival of Saint George in Hadies (23/4) with an offer of food from the Monastery which also offers hospitality to visitors.
Other important festivals and events are:
The festival of Saint Demetrius (26/10), the festival of Christ (6/8), the festival of the Cross (14/9), the festival of Ai Mamma (2/9), and of Agia Triada (June).
On June 7th, the day of the destruction by the Turks is commemorated by Kasiotes everywhere. In Fry, the Municipality organizes cultural events in the summer, such as concerts, theater performances and traditional Kasiot evenings.

Source: Municipality of Kasos