Getting to know Mitata
A nice route that you can take, passes the villages of Arvanitochori and Agia Marina and enters the mountains to the plateau of Argos and Troulles, where on the top of the hill stands the chapel of Agia Triada, invisible from the road. Mitata, the cottages where the shepherds make cheese, can be found at many points along the route. Continuing, you reach Hadies at the monastery of Ai-Georgis, the "Golden Knight" patron of the Kasiotes.
If you don't want to go to the monastery, there is a path just before you arrive, on the right, which, entering the bed of a stream, descends to Trita (about an hour), a beautiful beach with pebbles and a very beautiful sea.
Towards the archaeological site of the Ellinokamara cave
From the beautiful settlement of Agia Marina, from the neighborhood called Plakes, in front of a restored windmill, a hiking route begins through which you will tour the history and natural environment of Kasos. The sign points to Chrousoulas and initially ascends to Hellinokamara, a cave enclosed with carved boulders, perfectly adapted to the rocky environment. From there it descends towards Agios Konstantinos, the small church on the sea, with the magnificent view towards the sunset.
To the left, the dirt road ends at the pebbly beaches of Antiperatos, where, according to tradition, Hussein's soldiers landed in 1824 and burned the island. To the right, the paved road passes through Agios Georgios of Vrysis and ends at Fry.

The coastline of Kasos is full of beaches of all kinds. It is impossible for any visitor not to find a beach in Kasos that suits his habits and tastes. Some are steep with rocks, ideal for diving, others with sand, suitable for the established sea games, others with pebbles, small or large, organized or deserted.
On the North side of the island you will swim at Emporios, Kofteri, Ammoua, Katarti and Aniperatos beaches. On the South side you will find Elatros, Avlaki and Chochlakia beaches (where you can only go by boat).
Some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, beautiful and quiet, are on the neighboring islet of Armathia. They are called Marmara and Karavostasi and you can go there by boat from Fry in 15'.
We present you some of the most remarkable beaches of Kasos, so you can choose the one that suits you best.
In Emporio there is an organized beach, where you will also find two taverns and a pastry shop, everything you need for a full summer day.
On the west side of the island is Ammoua beach. In the area of ​​Antiperato there are four lonely beaches with colorful pebbles, ideal for those who avoid the crowds.
In the southern part, the best known is the beach of Helatrou, with the natural harbor, which was used in antiquity by the Minoan sailors. The beach is always protected from the winds, while off it, unique waves are formed, making the spot a small paradise for windsurfers.
Among the beaches of Kasos, the one located on the very nearby islet of Armathia undoubtedly stands out. Its view, which really captivates you, is an incredible combination of tropical and Cycladic landscape. It is considered by many, and not without reason, to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. The beach in Armathia is only accessible from the sea, by boat, which gives the visit, in addition to the thrill of beauty, a touch of romance, since you will take a beautiful sea excursion that lasts a little but leads you to a beautiful destination..
On the island there are many other beaches accessible only from the sea, but without regular routes to them. However, with a little good mood, there is always a way to visit them. He will find that it really is worth it.
sea ​​activities

Many visitors come to Kasos to enjoy the crystal clear waters and diving among the many, beautiful fish. Many dive for fun, some for research, some for entertainment and some for commercial purposes.
However, without proper training, diving can be very dangerous. So, we advise you not to attempt it if you have no diving experience.
If you love fishing, Kasos will offer you another enjoyable activity, which we are sure you will enjoy.
This is the best vacation experience you can have. Note that there is no organized fishing on the island, you can only fish privately. There are also taverns and restaurants that will gladly cook your fish.
Another water sport is windsurfing. If you are experienced, Kasos can offer you all the beauty of the sport.
However, the island does not provide organized lessons, equipment or a teacher. So all water sports are done privately. Precautions are necessary to avoid injury. The best spot is off Helatron beach.

It is incredible how much wealth a bare rock thrown at the edge of the Aegean can hide in flora and fauna. The entire area that stretches from Saria (north of Karpathos) to the western edges of Kasos, as well as all of Kasonisia, is considered a particularly important habitat for the Mediterranean seal monachus monachus.
The monachus monachus, whose largest populations among the countries of the European Union are in Greece, is among the mammals in immediate danger of extinction.
Also, Kasos has a particularly large number of reptiles and insects. The sea area and the islets around Kasos have a wide variety of fish.
The Hellenic Ornithological Society has designated Kasos among the "important areas" for the birds of Greece. According to the Society, among the breeding species, the artemis (calonectris diomedea) is found in large numbers in Kasos.
Other birds of Kasos are the petrel (hydrobates pelagicus), the cormorant (phalacrocorax aristotelis desmarestii), the little egret (ixobrychus minutus), the bald eagle (hieraaetus fasciatus), the black petrel (falco eleonorae), the peregrine falcon (falco peregrinus), the seagull (larus audouinii), the copper wagtail (coracias garrulus) and the red wagtail (phyrrocorax phyrrocorax).