Chora (Astypalaia), almost united with the port, Pera Gialos, and built amphitheatrically on the ground, is one of the most beautiful settlements of the Aegean. The houses start from the port, climb the hill and surround the castle at the top like a wall. They are small, square, stuck next to each other, painted in bright colors or pure white. Almost all have external wooden stairs, green or sea views, wooden balconies, sunrooms and lintels with obvious Venetian influences. In the interior, apart from the fireplace and recesses in the walls, the wooden loft, decorated with lacy carvings, used for a bed, is characteristic. Next to it is the famous "kritzola". Furniture with carved shelves where the "good" glassware of the house is placed.
(Country): The visitor will see 8 well-preserved cylindrical windmills with a roof that turns according to the direction of the wind.
The three days of the 15th of August is the biggest festival of the island in Panagia Portaitissa, with dancing in the courtyard and on the roof of the church, accompanied by traditional mezes and music. The celebration at the monastery of Flevariotissa, (2/2) hosts the winter gathering of Astypalaeots from everywhere. Other important festivals and events: Prophet Elias Festival (19/7), Saint Panteleimon Festival (7/26), Christ Festival (5/8), Saint Demetrius Festival (10/25), Saint Nicholas Festival (5/12), Koukania (15/8), Table of Love (15/8), Burning of Judas (Resurrection Night), Wedding Reenactment & Masquerade Parade (Halloween).
Astipalia, a place that experienced an economic boom, still today maintains a few but notable folk craftsmen such as potters, basket weavers, and loom and wind crafts.
Cultural Festival of Astypalaia: It is organized every summer and creatively integrates all the arts, with an emphasis on Greek music. Local customs and old games are revived at the festival.

Editor: Fotini Anastasopoulou