ARMATHIA ISLAND BEACH | Kasos | Dodecanese | Golden Greece




Armathia is an island located north of Kasos.
Today this islet is uninhabited, but their history is long. The subsoil of Armathia is rich in excellent quality gypsum.
From the 19th century, the mining and export of gypsum contributed to the development of Armathia, from where 8,000 tons per year were transported to Odessa, Constantinople, Smyrna, Alexandria and Piraeus.
During the heyday of Armathia there was a small settlement on the island in which up to 100 inhabitants lived permanently who cultivated fields and raised animals.
In the 1951 census, 8 permanent residents of Armathia are listed.
Today, the island is visited only by bathers, to enjoy the Marmara beach, which has been characterized as one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.
The fine sand in and out of the water, as well as the white plaster that can be seen in many parts of the sink, give the sea incredible colors.
Since the middle of 2000, an observatory has been completed in Marmara from where members of ecological organizations will be able to study the rich fauna of the area.
The second beach of Armathias is Kara(b)ostasis, which is also visited by bathers in summer. At this point, ships used to load plaster in the past. The only church in Armathia, Ypapanti (or Popantoula) celebrates forty days after Christmas.
A third very small beach in Armathia is located in the small harbor below the church of Ypapanti (Popantoulas), which celebrates on February 2 - weather permitting. Around the church there are ruins of the old settlement of Armathia, from the time of the island's heyday

Editor: Fotini Anastasopoulou