The local customs and festivals gather a large number of visitors every year. Some of the main customs that are preserved today in the villages are the "Rogatsaria", the traditional carols of the Lights in Velestino and the custom of Klidona on the feast of Agios Ioannis the Forerunner, in Afetes, Agios Dimitrios Mouresiou etc. Don't miss the Halloween revival of the traditional wedding in Skopelos, but also the representation of the Pelioreite wedding in August in Portaria. In May, it is worth seeing the dance-imitation custom of the Maiden in Makrynitsa. Have fun at one of the innumerable local fairs that are organized on the feasts of the Saints, but also on the feasts of traditional products. Wine festivals in Nea Aghialos, tsipouro in Katihori Portarias, apple in Zagora, cherry in Agios Lavrentios and sausage in Stagiates.

Volos has one of the most important archaeological museums in the country. The Museum is housed in a neoclassical building from 1907 and hosts Neolithic finds, clay figurines and utensils from the Geometric era, classical sculptures, reliefs from the Alexandrian era and rare written columns from the 3rd century BC. with preserved colors.

Source: Foundation of Greater Hellenism