In Larissa, the visitor, passing through the historic center of the city through the pedestrian streets, can visit the hill of the fortress, where from the Acropolis (inhabited since 6,000 BC, today the closed Turkish market, Bezesteni, is preserved. Below the ancient Acropolis and facing the ancient market is the 1st Ancient Theater of Larissa. Its capacity is estimated to be at least 10,000 people and its construction dates back to the end of the 3rd century BC. Today the systematic effort to uncover it continues, while most of it can be to be admired by the visitor from the pedestrian street of Venizelos. The Archaeological Museum includes remarkable collections. Neapolis houses the Municipal Art Gallery of Larissa-G.I Katsigra Museum with rare exhibits and collections. Also,since 1983, the Folklore Museum has also been operating with various thematic sections and over 15,000 objects.
Another special feature of the Prefecture of Larissa is the local customs that are preserved from generation to generation, as well as the festivals, which gather a large number of visitors every year. In Tyrnavos is organized the famous traditional carnival and the burani, one of the best known Greek customs. At the same time, one can take part in a series of rural festivals, such as the feta festival in Elassona, the halva festival in Farsala, the wine festival in Rapsani, the apple and cherry festival in Agia, the chestnut festival in Karitsa and the sardine festival in Stomio.
Author: Fotini Anastasopoulou
In the prefecture of Larissa, there are scattered religious monuments that are an invaluable asset for the region and a magnet for thousands of visitors. The Holy Monasteries became centers of national resistance and strengthened the national struggles in various ways.
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Holidays of the Municipality of Evrymena:

  • Feast of the Sea
  • Chestnut Festival
  • Corn Festival

Municipality of Sarantaporos:

Mores and customs flood the Municipality of Sarandaporos and in general a large number of events are organized in the area of ​​the Municipality throughout the year. Each village separately, but also the cultural Organization of the Municipality of Sarandaporos "PERRAIVOS", with their own unique presence, keep the traditions of the place unscathed by the wear and tear of time, always having the ultimate goal of the feast and fun of both the visitors and of those who participate. The "Ragatsarias" are revived every year on New Year's Day, as are the "Lazarines" on Palm Sunday. Customs that keep the interest of those who love tradition and more.

Editor: Fotini Anastasopoulou