Top annual events are the "Vlach wedding" which takes place on Clean Monday, the trade fair from August 23 to 30 and the "Pindaria" from mid-August to mid-September.
The "Vlach marriage" took root and has been alive for 115 years only in Thebes, the home of Dionysus. The celebration of the Vlach wedding, with the Pyrrhic dance, the Carousel, the procession, the group feast, the Bacchus satyr, the dance of the deceased and the hot satire of the Clean Monday dialogue conveys the general spirit of the Dionysian mysteries.
Various cultural events including dance, music, theater, exhibitions, lectures, chess matches, which are held at the beginning of autumn.
The great trade fair, dedicated to the ¨nine days¨ of Panagia, has been held since 1845 until today every year from 23 to 30 August.

Anyone who has not celebrated Easter in Arachova, has not seen the litany of the silver icon of the patron Saint George, with the lavender-bodied Arachovites with fustanelles and the Arachovite women with segunias, has not eaten roast, mezes and has not drunk Lambri wine in the pits , if he is not alive, too bad, but if he is alive, don't forget to go to Arachova on Easter or St. George's Day. It is a miracle, a resurrection of nature and a participation of God!

Editor: Fotini Anastasopoulou