Visiting the imposing castles of Methoni and Koroni is a dive into the Venetian past of the Peloponnese.

Pass by historic Navarino, whose naval battle decided the war for Greek independence, and stop at Pylos. Next to it, in Chora, are the ruins of the palace of the wise king Nestor, one of the largest ancient palaces found in Greece. Wander through its rooms and continue with a visit to the adjacent Museum.


The natural border between Messinia and Ilia is the valley of Neda. Neda, a mythological nymph and deity of waters, gave her name to the only river in Greece.
The passage of the Neda is both an exciting and risky adventure and an opportunity to enjoy what nature has generously bestowed on Messinia.
Neda compensates those who decide to live this unprecedented experience in the best way. On the slopes you can see picturesque stone-built villages, monuments, ancient sanctuaries, small churches, bridges, water mills. Spots choked with a variety of vegetation. Drywoods scattered throughout the area, pine forests, broadleaf evergreens in the upper mountainous zone.
Difficult spots, shallow spots, idyllic lakes along the entire length of the central bed. Rocks rounded by the rush of water, impressive waterfalls especially in the area of ​​Platanium, fertile lands and hospitable people make up the picture that unfolds before the eyes of the visitor. Places full of stories and legends about nymphs, places known since ancient times and still alive today. In the villages of Neda, which preserve their original beauty, one can see remarkable examples of traditional architecture.
The river is accessible only during the summer months, the rest of the year the waters are so rapid that it is dangerous to cross.
To cross the river, you will need to be organized, have the necessary supplies and of course comfortable clothes and shoes for long hours of walking. Your accommodation will depend on the route you take. You may have to spend the night in the forest near the river. It is possible to spend the night in a village in the Neda valley. Every summer, local clubs and nature groups organize a two-day hike in Neda. The crossing is exciting but, if done on the same day, it is particularly tiring. The crossing of the river is done in groups and organized and requires, as said, special equipment.
There are many different points from which the crossing of Neda can be started.
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