Institution is the Akratine Carnival which managed in its 7 years of "life" to rally the cultural bodies of the place and the lively potential of the Municipality. It includes the Hidden Treasure game with competitions, tests, constructions, Carnival City, Latin rhythms and carnival activities. On Clean Monday, the traditional Kouloumas are celebrated.
The Manos Hatzidakis - Nikos Gatsos Cultural Foundation aims to give scholarships to children of the Municipality who wish to study music or philology.
It has a record case, donated by Mr. G. Lefentarios, with records of light, popular and classical music and a library. Those interested can access the CD library and the library for study and information. In addition, it organizes musical performances, artistic exchanges between Municipalities, book and record releases as well as a multitude of other events.

  • January 30, Porovitsa
  • February 1, Agios Tryphonos religious festival, Diakopto
  • February 2, Kalamias
  • February 10, Akrata & Voutsimo
  • Easter Friday, Platano Beach
  • Ascension, Platanos
  • June, Agios Ioannis Riganas, Ano Potamia
  • July 27, Vounaki
  • August 6, Krathio
  • August 6, Zarouchla
  • August 15, Valimi
  • Bean Festival (after the Fifteenth of August)
  • August 29, Peristera
  • August 31, Agridi
  • August 31, Agia Varvara and Mesorougi
  • October 26, Sylivaina
  • November 30, Ampelos & Platanos
  • December 6, Sylivaina

The Philharmonic, its first performance was recorded on New Year's Day 1926, and since then it has been "present" at small and large events of the place, acting as a central organization of entertainment and musical education. It received a big blow in December 1943, with the execution of many of its members by the Nazis. Its modern history records its reconstitution and reappearance within the D.E.P.A.P.O.Z. in April 1996. Kalavryta Music Center was founded in 1997 with the main purpose of educating young people in the fields of Music, Dance, Theater and Visual Arts. The Kalavryta Music Center operates classes for percussion, piano, harmonium, guitar, traditional and modern dances, rhythmic gymnastics and a painting workshop. More than 200 children are educated in its departments annually.EVENTS

  • Remembrance events organized every December for the 1943 Holocaust by Nazi occupation troops
  • Anniversary events organized every March to celebrate the National Palygenesis, as this is where the spark of the national uprising was ignited.
  • International Seminar of Wind Instruments, in 1998 the Music Center instituted the International Seminar of Wind Instruments, with the participation of leading musicians from all over the world. Since 2006, the event has been held in two cycles: the winter and the summer.
  • Panhellenic Crossing of the Vouraikos Gorge, a top event of the Kalavryta Environmental Protection Mountaineering - Skiing - Climbing Association, is the Panhellenic Crossing of the Vouraikos Gorge that takes place every year on the penultimate weekend of May, with the participation of hundreds of hikers from all over Greece. The central motto is: "To make Helmos a national park and the Vouraikos gorge to be protected as a unique monument of nature".

Cultural Summer
It takes place every year in the summer during the months of July and August with the participation of the Cultural Clubs of the Municipality in almost all the DD. of the Municipality and includes a number of events (music - theater - dance - sports, etc.)
Raisin Festival
Top cultural event that has been an institution for the last 7 years. Co-organizers are the Municipality of Sympolitia with the Philoprogressive Association Grigori "Saint Gregory" and it takes place in D.D. Gregory of the last ten days of summer.
It takes place every year on the second Sunday of Halloween in Avythos of D.D. Rododafnis with a parade of floats and carnivalists from all over Greece. municipality's.
They take place every year on Clean Monday in the Municipality of Avythos with traditional dishes and live traditional music.
Cultural Events in the Village of Avythos
Product Exhibition
An important stage for the promotion of local, traditional and organic products has been created in Acoli of the Municipality of Sympolitia for 3 years.
Sardine Festival and Potato Festival every July
Events for the hanging of the Blue Flag in Kalogria and Lakkopetra.

Series of cultural events held in the second fortnight of August. They include traditional Greek dances in local costumes, music concerts, theater performances and games for children.
Traditional Festival
It takes place in Kato Achaia on September 14, in honor of the Universal Feast of Orthodoxy of the "Exaltation of the Holy Cross".
Ten days of carnival events (Hidden treasure, contest of ingenuity, dance, song, pantomime, sports events) which culminate with the Great Parade of carnivalists and floats on the last Saturday of Halloween. On Clean Monday, the municipality organizes the Kouloumas and the kite flying, on the beach of Kato Achaia.

Editor: Fotini Anastasopoulou