• Dec - Jan - Feb - Mar: Local Club Dances with live Edessa traditional music
  • Jan 6: "Jamalaria" Traditional wedding custom with ... harassment - Local Music - Feast with plenty of wine - (The procession goes around reveling in the streets of Arnissa village)
  • Feb: CARNIVAL Dance Fun in Edessa (Grand Parade) Skydra & Krya Vrysi
  • Sunday (Before Cath. Monday): Traditional custom "Lamkes" At the last Halloween dance party in Edessa (Waterfalls)
  • Monday - Kite Festival Clean Monday: with the Aeroclub of Edessa at the Windmill (Panagitsa) with Dance Local Music and also.... Bean Salad. Also on the same day with the "Friends of the Mountain" at hill 606, in Gavaliotissa & the "Thousand Pines" (Edessa), Dance Local Music, bean salad & traditional dishes
  • Easter: In the monasteries of the region Holy Week is offered for immersion through pilgrimage tours.
  • Edessa Resurrection: In the central square of the city, the Resurrection ceremony takes place in the presence of the philharmonic band, followed by ...splurge of sparklers. The cooking in the city's restaurants has its due. Equally beautiful is the Resurrection in the villages of Edessa with tradition having the first word.
  • 2nd day of Easter: Margarita Local custom "Breaking red eggs" on the rock of Margarita village. Local Music, Dance, Traditional Food.
  • 2nd day of Easter: Wolves Local Custom "Egg Falling" from the cultural association Valkoyanovo - Local Music - Dance - Traditional Food
  • 1st Friday after Easter (Zoodochou Pigis): Traditional Festival with Music, Dance, Food in Agra (Location of St. Athanasios)
  • Apr 23 (St. George): Dedication of Animals In a beautiful location in the village of Vrytta, the local custom "Dedication of Animals - Auction" takes place. Dance, local music, food, village dance groups & baking of all offerings
  • Apr 23 (St. Georgiou): Local Custom Group roasting in the area where five trees are united forming a human body. Traditional music & Dance. In Ag. Athanasios in the Chapel of Ag. Georgiou.
  • May 2: Traditional Festival Traditional Music, Dance Bands & Local Foods in Mesimeri (Edessa) at the Location of Ag. Athanasius.
  • May 2: Traditional Festival Traditional Music, Dance, & Local Food in Rizari (Edessa) & Flamouria (Edessa)
  • May 2: Religious Traditional Feast in the small church of St. Athanasiou with Macedonian Music, Boiled goat is offered to everyone. In the village of Palaia Xanthogeia.
  • May 21: Traditional festival with bronzes in the beautiful area of ​​the temple of Con/nos & Helen in the "costeno" location of Karydia. Food, Dances & traditional music.
  • "Ascension" (40 days after Easter): Traditional Music. In Pl. Village Ag. Athanasios & in Kerasia
  • June 10: Festivities in honor of the Macedonian fighters Agra-Miga. Traditional Music in the square of Karydia village
  • End of June: Cherry Festival. Traditional Music (Bronze), Dance groups, dancing, exhibitions from village life, children's playground. Plenty of cherries (Edessa crisps) are offered. For years now, the Kerasios festival has been an important promotion event for this local product. Every June the people of the area organize a number of events with the local traditional color dominant, the local traditional products such as Cherries.
  • Middle of July: Asia Minor Evening - Persia Panhellenic Meeting of Asia Minor - Dance - Songs from the unforgettable homelands - Appetizers. On the beach of Persia with the magical sunset of Lake Vegoriti in the background.
  • July 20? Traditional Festival - Xanthogeia Traditional Music - Dance - Feast (meeting Xanthogeia people everywhere)
  • July 20: Traditional Festival - Apsalos Traditional Music - Dance - Feast
  • July 26: Traditional Festival in the Square of the Villages of Karydia, Zervi, Sotira. Traditional Music, Dance, Song, Food.
  • End of July: Peach Day in Flamouria. Traditional Music Dishes.
  • August 5 - 15: "Friends of the Mountain" camp on Mount Voras - Kaimaktsalan. Traditional Music dance & songs. Boiled Goat & Retsina are offered, Camping - Games are available. Participation is free. 11 km from Kerasia
  • August 20 - 22: "Ta Kerasiotika" Traditional Dances of Macedonia in the square of Kerasia Village (Edessa), Feast, Dance, Live Music
  • August 15: Traditional festival Music, Dance, Local Cuisine in Agios Athanasios
  • End of August: "Potsifka" - Local Festival in Margarita
  • End of August: "CHRISANTHEIA" at the Grammar School
  • End of August: Pozaritika in Loutraki, Loudia Festival in Giannitsa
  • Early October: Cheese Festival in Theodoraki
  • Mid-October: "Tsipouro Festival" in Mesimeri village with Theatrical Performances, Feast, Dance & Live Music. Plenty of Tsipouro is offered & you are ready for surprises.
  • December 23 - 24: "Fire" Traditional custom with fire lighting, traditional music, feast & dance. In the villages of Mesimeri, Klisochori, Agra and in the city of Edessa (area of ​​S. Stathmos & Alonia). "Lesnik" Traditional Customs with local music & feast in Xanthogeia.
  • December 31: "Sourva" - Traditional Festival in Margarita


  • LUDEMIA (September 15th)
  • THEODORAKI CHEESE FESTIVAL (1st 15th of October)


  • ACRITIA (July 2nd 10th)
  • CULTURAL THREE DAY, with the Black Club of Almopia (2nd August 15th)
  • PICTURES (last week of August)
  • "FESTIVAL OF THE PROPHET ELIAS" (July 18 - 19 - 20 in Apsalo)


  • Cherry Festival
  • Peach Day
  • Cultural Summer
  • Tsipourou Festival

From the end of October to the middle of December, the place "boils" in the area. Traditional cauldrons prepare the "fresh water" culminating in the Tsipourou Festival at the beginning of November in Edessa (Mesimeri) with a traditional feast (boiling in the traditional way, food, local music, Macedonian dances).

The village Association prepares many surprises for the visitors, while the tsipouro flows "in abundance" and a three-cover feast is set up in the village square.

Young men and women in traditional costumes of the region offer home-made dishes while the taverns and grills of the village are literally on fire.

Editor: Fotini Anastasopoulou