Pella - Thessaloniki
The Organizing Committee of the "Alexander the Great" International Road Marathon welcomes you to the official website of the event. The 5th "Alexander the Great" International Marathon will be held on April 18, 2010 on the route Pella - Thessaloniki. At the same time, on the same day, 5Km Roads will be held. and 10 km. as well as the AHEPA Primary School Pupils Road Race. More...VORA SKI CENTER (KAIMAKTSALAN) The Vora Ski Center has 6 Lifts which provide access to 14 ski slopes of varying degrees of difficulty, while a Snowmobile track has also been designed, as well as a Snowboard Fun Park to satisfy even the most demanding skiers. The wider area is suitable for downhill skiing, giving the possibility to explore interesting forest paths. Experienced instructors participate in the operation of ski and snowboard schools, and offer a pleasant contact with the exciting snow sports for beginners on ski slopes, while the small shops for renting and selling equipment on the ground floor of the Chalet, give everyone interested the opportunity to get the necessary equipment for a comfortable outing in the snow. In the area of ​​the Refuge and at an altitude of 2050 m. operates a guest house with restaurant and ouzo, while at 2100 m. in a snow-white frozen landscape, the snowbar creates a warm and friendly atmosphere for the rest and fun of the skiers. MOUNTAINEERING - MOUNTAIN HIKING The presence of the imposing mountains of Vora (2,524 m. ), Pinovou (2,154 m. ), Tzenas (2,182 m. ) creates ideal conditions for mountaineering and mountain hiking in the Prefecture of Pella. The ability to approach difficult areas, often undisturbed by human intervention, the alternation of landscapes and the varying degree of difficulty of the routes offered, are a challenge for many. The European Path E4 / 6 passes through Vora, which starts from the Pyrenees and connects, through a network of mountain routes, the European countries of the Mediterranean. The crossing of the Rhamno - Bor (Iso Pefko) gorge, in the area of ​​the Baths of Loutraki is one of the most exciting climbing experiences, as it leads to the sources of the Agios Nikolaos stream, where water and vegetation create a beautiful scenery. Recognizing the uniqueness and potential of the area, many mountaineering clubs from all over Greece have been organizing "excursions" to mountainous Pella in recent years.