Boats depart from the port of Athens and take you on a full-day tour of all the secrets of the Caldera.
You will see up close the islet of Nea Kameni, made of lava created by the eruption of 1712-13.
Don't miss the opportunity to hike up the path to the crater of the still active volcano that is spewing gases and vapors. The feeling there is unique.
Then the boat will take you to Palaia Kameni, created during the eruption of 192 BC. Here there are hot springs where you can either swim in the healing sulphurous waters or take a therapeutic mud bath.
In the western part of the Caldera is Thirassia, a beautiful little island with the picturesque village of Manolas, on top of a hill which you can reach by climbing 145 wide steps either on foot or on the back of one of the four-legged taxis (donkeys).
Then, the boat will head towards Oia, sailing close to the vertical wall of the Caldera rocks, where you will be enchanted by the colors and the impressive wave-like formations of the layers of lava on the rocks. The sight of the whitewashed houses of Oia, nestled on the edge of the cliff like a flock of seagulls, will fill you with admiration, even if it is not the first time you have seen them.
The ship returns to the port of Athens. If you want to do this excursion you should ask a tourist office for more details.


In the summer months, dinner cruises are also organized, again starting from the port of Athens.
The sunset of Santorini is one of the most enchanting and especially if you are on a boat you will be able to enjoy it better. the magical golden-purple shadows on the white houses of Fira and Oia, the waves that are painted pink as they hit the wild surfaces of the rocks of the ancient crater.
You will definitely have the opportunity to take amazing photos!..
You will live a mystical experience when the ship will seem to sail as if it wants to break through the sun's salty disk. you too will enjoy delicious food and drink as well as beautiful music and dancing.
The cruise ends at the port of Athens and will surely leave you with a sweet memory


You can of course drive up to Ancient Thira from Kamari.
But the route we recommend is extremely picturesque and will certainly remain an unforgettable experience.
Because the archaeological site of Ancient Thera closes at 2.30, it is better to start early in the morning so that the sun and the summer heat on the bare rock do not bother you.
The path starts from the monastery of Prophet Ilias (there is a sign). The view from here, the highest point of the island (567m.), is wonderful and unique!..: As if you were in a hot air balloon you will see the plain of the island on one side and the sea on the other. It will take about an hour to complete the route.
Make sure to wear sports shoes, to feel comfortable and of course to have water with you.
Arriving in ancient Thera you will feel the place captivating you. The location the Dorians chose to build their city is awe-inspiring. Ancient Thera, built amphitheatrically high on the mountain, overlooks the sea. Ruins of houses, cobbled streets, the theater, architectural remains of ancient temples from the Hellenistic and Roman periods, are the main attractions of the archaeological site.
You can return either by the same route, or follow the ancient road (downhill easy) which after one kilometer will take you to Kamari.