The "festival" is one of the important events in the life of the inhabitants of Kythnos. Small or large, they give the people of Thermio an occasion to practice their religious duties, but also give the trigger for multi-day celebrations, which start from the evening of the previous day, last all night, and continue the next day. People are entertained by the "zias", a combination of local violin and lute players, forming a full orchestra. The famous "Thermio Ball" is famous and much has been written about the dancing abilities of the Kythnos residents. Manolis Glezos notes: "All the Cyclades whirl in the vortex of dance, drunk with the joy of life. They know how to express their feelings with dance movements. That's why that and they are all excellent dancers. But in my own subjective evaluation, first among the first, come the inhabitants of Kythnos".

Source: DAFNI - Network of Sustainable Islands of the Aegean

So when you find yourself on the island, ask if there is a festival and if it is easy to visit. You will experience one of the rarest, authentic traditional Aegean events and you will even see the famous Thermio Ball. Of course, the top events are the festivals held in honor of the Virgin Mary, on the fifteenth of August (Virgin Nikos, Virgin Kanala, Virgin Stratolatissa) and on September 8 (Virgin Flambouriani). in Dryopida and Chora respectively. In addition, almost every family in Kythnos has its own small church on its property and every time the saint to whom it is dedicated celebrates, the family organizes a rich festival, where everyone is welcome.
Preparations for Easter begin on Maundy Thursday with the dyeing of eggs and the baking of Lambriatiko buns, as well as the whitewashing of all the alleys of the village. This is followed by the procession of the Epitaph on Good Friday and the Thermio pies on Great Saturday. On Easter Sunday, the traditional custom of Kounia is revived.

Editor: Fotini Anastasopoulou