In the village of Tzermiado, at the end of August, the potato festival is organized. Try the potato cooked in a thousand and two ways and always accompanied by wine and tsikoudia. Try wood oven potato, sweet potato, and stone oven pork. The events last about three days.


The municipality of Agios Nikolaos organizes events called "Lato", which include theatrical performances, literary evenings and musical events. Worth mentioning are the events of the village of Myrsini Sitia, which take place in an outdoor and specially designed space and host artists from all kinds of music. (Art, rock, traditional).

Banner Ceremony


Cultural events organized in Ierapetra and include theater, music and dance evenings.


In Kritsa you will witness the revival of the Traditional Wedding, where fun and gaiety reign supreme.


In Sitia, around August 15-20, the Sultanina festival is organized, dedicated to this grape variety, as well as the "Kornaria", with numerous cultural events.


In the villages of Piscokefalo and Hamezi, it is worth to be at the "kazanemata" which are related to the preparation of raki and are always accompanied by delicious mezes and a feast. In Piscokefalo, the corn festival is also organized, always accompanied by musical events.

Editor: Fotini Anastasopoulou


It takes place in the village of Avrakontes, on the Lasithi plateau, with lots of food and music.

Pumpkin Night