The Corfu countryside has several springs of fresh water, some of which gush forth drinking water of excellent quality, such as Nymfi, Kyprianades, Klimatia, Valani, Agioi Doulo, etc.

In the north of Corfu there are two waterfalls (Kiprianados and Nymphos), which throughout the rainy season are particularly spectacular as they fall from a height of at least 15 meters.

The most important lagoons of the island are Antinioti, Halikiopoulos and Korissia. The Lefkimmi Salt Flats are formed in the Municipality of Lefkimmi.

In the Pantokrator massif there are forested areas, places with a panoramic view and intense geological formations, such as the two caves located in Klimatia and Loutses. The characteristic mid-altitude mountain vegetation includes oak forests alternating with arable olive and grape fields.

Particularly imposing is the "stony and rocky" side of the mountain, which is a traditional supplier of building material (Siniotiki stone) of the wider area.