Thassos is known for its "green", natural landscapes and wonderful beaches. Nature lovers can enjoy mountain bike tours, hiking, mountain climbing, hunting, fishing, water sports and diving. The morphology and rich natural beauty of the island are ideal for activities close to nature. There are many natural paths that, following them, you discover enchanting landscapes. We recommend hiking and mountain biking in the beautiful landscapes of the island.
Ypsario, the beautiful mountain of Thassos, which dominates the center of the island, is waiting for experienced walkers to approach it. The most typical starting point is Potamia and there is full signposting that leads you to the top of Ypsarios, through dense forests on the eastern and southern sides
You can go hiking or mountain biking through landscapes overgrown with plane trees, dense pine forests or even olive groves literally from one end of the island to the other.
The existing paths connect Panagia, Potamia and Ypsario in the east of the island, Kallirachi, Prinos and the beautiful Kazaviti in the west and Maries and Theologos in the south. As an example, we mention that the distance between Maries and Prinos is approximately 20 kilometers. Of course, you can trek by breaking up the route and spending the night in picturesque, green, welcoming villages.
Another path located in the east of the island leads you from Chrysi Ammoudia to Limenas.

Mountain bike

For cycling lovers, without needing any special experience you can follow selected routes and discover green areas. The most beautiful routes welcome and challenge you by combining adventure with physical activity. You will be given the opportunity to cycle through steep routes that vary not only in difficulty but also in duration.
However, because many areas on the perimeter of the island, such as Limenas, Chrysi Ammoudia and Skala Potamia, as well as a large part of the perimeter road network of the island are completely flat or have small slopes, even a simple bicycle will offer you a unique experience and wonderful pleasures in the green nature.
Of course, for more demanding routes you will need a mountain bike.


Beautiful routes and unique experiences are offered by the mountains of Thassos, with the most popular being the ascent of Ypsario. Each route has to offer beautiful images and access to places of rare beauty.
Especially the routes that lead to mountainous, picturesque, welcoming villages such as Kallirachi, Prinos, Kazaviti and Maries, will be truly unforgettable.

sea ​​activities

Thassos seems like the ideal place to start exploring the Aegean, starting with scuba diving.
For lovers of the seabed, snorkeling is a very relaxing activity. Needless to say, sites with rocky bottoms and a relative depth of six to ten feet offer the richest underwater scenery.
Of course, Thassos is also suitable for boat trips. You can discover the beautiful scenery along the coast of the island. Observe rare water birds, maybe - if you're lucky - and seals. Rent a boat and visit the secluded beaches, accessible only by sea, or even the small seaside villages and enjoy your drink or food in one of the many traditional Greek tavernas.