sea ​​sports
In Rhodes you will have the opportunity to practice your favorite water sport on most of its organized beaches. On the most crowded beaches, you will find a net set up to play beach volleyball with your friends. Particularly organized and most famous is the beach of Ialyssos, which has facilities and infinite possibilities in terms of water sports. Some of the island's beaches are also ideal for windsurfing for those who want to conquer and fight the waves and the wind with their windsurfing board. There are plenty of water sports centers operating on the beaches, with experts to help you take your first steps in your chosen sport.
If you want to go for a ride in a sailboat and you don't have your own you can rent one from the sailing centers. A tour of Rhodes, or an excursion to the nearby islands is a magical experience that will surely be unforgettable!..
If the seabed still fascinates you, consult the diving schools in order to get the necessary
information on which beaches the seabed presents of particular interest and what you need to know to avoid danger. You can also rent equipment or - if you don't have your own boat - go on diving explorations with them.
In Rhodes there are remarkable diving centers, where spacious speedboats are used, with which more than two dives a day are possible in different places. Those who do not know about diving, are guided by experienced teachers, making an introduction to diving lessons. Thus, they are given the opportunity, from their very first dive, to enjoy the enchanting reefs, the friendly fish and the silent peace of the marine life.
Of course, there are also the easiest and most purely fun water sports. You can rent water bikes, canoes, bananas, jet skis and have fun with your friends enjoying the sea and the wonderful sun.

In addition to beautiful beaches, Rhodes also has a wonderful countryside. Mountains, forests, rivers, gorges and even lakes. There is the possibility to do infinite hiking-hiking routes, with varying degrees of difficulty.
Ideal seasons, of course, for hiking are spring and autumn, where the weather is wonderful, with an average temperature of 10 degrees and the sun almost always present. More ideal conditions could hardly be found. But even in the summer months, starting early in the morning, you can hike without suffering from the heat.
At the foot of the third highest mountain of Rhodes of Prophet Ilias, which has an altitude of 798m, and is located in Salakos of the Municipality of Kamiros and at a distance of 39km. from the city of Rhodes, one can discover the natural beauties of two separate paths.
The one path we recommend goes to the top of the mountain where there are the famous hotels Elafos and Elafina and Villa De Vecchi, built during the Italian occupation, both of exceptional architectural beauty, as well as the chapel of the Prophet Elias.
The second one starts from almost the same point of the ¨Nymphis¨ area in the opposite direction, crossing the valley of the Butterflies of the source of Nymfis in the village of Salakos.
Access to these paths (Profiti Elias and Petaloudon valley) is easy, because it starts through the village settlement and ends on public paved roads.
If we take into account that a person walking the trails wishes to make rest stops to enjoy the scenery and sights, take photos, the time the route will take is estimated to be approximately 40 to 45 minutes per hour for each of the suggested routes.
In terms of the degree of difficulty, the path of the Prophet Elias is a little more difficult due to the altitude, while the path of the Nymph Valley is somewhat easier.
There are many sights and historical elements that you will meet on the two routes.
Starting from the starting point which is the ¨Nymph¨ source, you may be able to see the rare flower "peonia rhodia", which only grows in the area. Of course you won't cut it.
At the edge of the village, is the cave of Makarouna, used and open to visitors. It is a natural cave in which, during the Christmas season, a live representation of the Nativity of Christ takes place, with the attendance of thousands of visitors from the surrounding villages and the city of Rhodes.
The Nymph and the valley are a habitat for the butterfly species ¨Panaxia Quadripunctaria¨, whose population is small at the moment, as the valley is under development, but it is suitable for walks and moments of relaxation, since the path is quite accessible.
Butterflies prefer this particular valley because there are centuries-old trees there, the so-called "beggars", which are valuable to them for their juice, from which the butterflies feed.
The abundant waters and dense vegetation make up a unique landscape of beauty and peace.
In the area of ​​Prophet Elias, 115 species of plants have been counted, 20 of which are rare. The visitor, in addition to the smells and the rich vegetation that exists especially in the spring months, will have the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of the village, up to the deep horizon of the sea, as if he were in an airplane.
Reaching the top, the monastery of Michael the Archangel, which was converted from Catholic to Orthodox, is worth noting. Then the Dama Dama deer and the rare llamas that exist outside the Elafos and Elafina hotels, which add a special note of beauty to the landscape.
Finally, nature lovers and those who like hiking will be delighted by the unique routes and hidden paths in the forest, which in turn lead to monasteries, springs and clearings of unique beauty.