Halloween EVENTS
The Municipality of Salamina organizes a carnival and the traditional Koulouriot Halloween with old customs, treating people to sweet wine and the traditional galaktobourek (pupek) and macaroni and cheese. Also, the Municipality of Ampelakia organizes a carnival.
Cultural and sports events in honor of the hero of the Revolution of 1821. They take place towards the end of May.
Fisherman's Day
A large folk festival jointly organized by the Municipality of Salamina and the Fishermen's Association of the island. Grilled fish and plenty of wine are offered. It takes place towards the end of August.
Panigiri Faneromeni
A great festival takes place from August 23 to 25 at the monastery of Panagia Faneromeni.
Events held to celebrate the historic anniversary of the Battle of Salamis in September.
Festival of the Municipality of Salamis
Concerts, theatrical performances, folklore, cultural and other events take place during the summer at the Euripidean Theatre. In the winter, the events take place in the hall "D. Bogri" at the City Hall.
Festival of the Municipality of Ampelakia
Concerts, theater performances and other events take place at the Stone Theater in Selenia.

Editor: Fotini Anastasopoulou