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DIMINI (Archaeological Site)

DIMINI (Archaeological Site) - Magnesia

Important prehistoric settlement near Volos, with impressive architectural remains. It was continuously inhabited from the latest Neolithic period (5th millennium BC) to the end of the Bronze Age (1100 BC). The six concentric enclosures that enclose the acropolis and the "mega-shaped" building on top date to the latest Neolithic period (4800 - 4500 BC). The houses were arranged around a central courtyard and between the precincts. The settlement was abandoned at the beginning of the 3rd millennium BC. Ceramics with rich decoration, a wide variety of figurines. A large, organized Mycenaean settlement (14th - 12th century BC) developed around the acropolis with mega-shaped houses and workshops extending on either side of a long road. Foundations of a large Mycenaean palace and two vaulted tombs in the surrounding area.

The findings are exhibited in the Volos and National Archaeological Museums of Athens.

Editor: Fotini Anastasopoulou