The Central Rhodope Mountain Range, life and state of Flora and Fauna, stretches across the Greek-Bulgarian border in an area approaching 2,000,000 acres, a world that promises you the indulgence of all five senses. The area is divided between the prefectures of Drama and Xanthi, while a large part of it belongs to Bulgaria. The exceptional biodiversity of ecosystems and species it hosts and the changes in the landscape attract the traveler and offer unique experiences. At a distance of a few tens of kilometers, all the vegetation zones of Europe are developed: evergreen broad-leaved forests dominated by oaks, maples and chestnuts alternate with shady beech and birch forests, but also dense forests of cold-lived conifers of the Nordic zone such as spruce and fir. Subalpine meadows spread to the highest peaks and complete this unique mountain complex. Rhodopi one of the last refuges of the brown bear, the wild goat and the golden eagle in Europe. Paths E6 lead the traveler to its waterfalls Livadite and on the peaks of Kula .