Pelion is the mountain where the Battle of Titan took place! Pelion is the mountain of the Centaurs! The Pelion of Philyra and Chiron the Centaur, the teacher of Jason and Achilles! The Pelion of 70%, of the herbs of the whole world! The Pelion of Riga Feraios, Anthimos Gazis and many other scholars of revolutionary Greece! Pelion is the most divine place in the whole world!



Pelion, in the spring, is a naturalistic chord composed of hundreds of species of flowers, colors, birds, unique trees and rare herbs. Spring in Pelion is a time suitable for all kinds of excursion activities.


Pelion, in the summer, is a particularly special place for summer vacations because it offers a combination of coolness, stately picturesqueness, wonderful small or large beaches, sea activities, local delicacies. Summer in Pelion is a time suitable for camping and touring the surrounding islands within the Pagasitic Gulf.


In Pelion, autumn is a feast of the combination of red and ocher colors, the fragrant rainy atmosphere and the enchanting coating of the streets and the picturesque village squares with the autumn leaves. Autumn in Pelion is a season suitable for hiking and climbing activities.


Pelion, in winter, is a universally wonderful place because the snow-white snowfalls surround it in a dreamlike way. Winter in Pelion is a time suitable for skiing in the wild whites while gazing at two seas and staying in rooms with fireplaces in the mansions.

Pelion, the legendary mountain of the Centaurs, an amazing combination of mountain and sea landscape, rises imposingly to the northeast of Volos.

At the top of Pelion "Agrioleufkes" (1500m) the Ski Center of Pelion was created by the Hellenic Mountaineering Association of Volos and in 1967 the first aerial lift operated. Then it evolved into infrastructure and facilities, so that today we have a center that is constantly being modernized. Since 1997, the management of the center has been undertaken by the Development Company of Magnesia SA for 20 years.

Go horseback riding in Pelion. Wander on short and long routes, among the green landscape, with specially trained horses and experienced attendants.

In the prefecture of Magnesia, the verdant massif of Pelion dominates. Gathering on its slopes rare species of flora and fauna, as well as protected habitats, Pelion has also joined the NATURA 2000 network. Pelion is an ideal example of a harmonious coexistence of man and nature, since it is often difficult to distinguish the natural vegetation from crops.