It has been operating since 1938 until today, carrying out important educational and artistic work. It has 14 schools of musical instruments.

Mixed choir, children's choir, church choir, Byzantine choir

The town boasts its Municipal Theatre, which has been staging plays since 1956, and its summer Municipal Theater. The Municipal Theater has a square and a terrace with 700 seats and, in addition to the plays, hosts many concerts and events.

One of the oldest philharmonics in Greece with its many events, both in Greece and abroad, it boasts that it is the only Greek philharmonic that was invited and gave a concert at the Athens Concert Hall.

Upgrades the life of the area, with a multitude of visual applications and exhibitions.

It takes place every year in its modern facilities and is the most important event in the economic and commercial development of both the Municipality of Lamia and the wider region of Central Greece.

On May 21, with the feast of the patron saint, there is also a five-day trade fair. A festival is also held on August 23 in the small church of Panagia tis Evlogia. There are caves while it is a hunting lodge. Fish taverns on the beach of Agia Marina. Fish market in Stylida. Usable resort area "Vourlia" (1300 meters altitude). Center for Environmental Education. Rail connection with the rest of Greece.
Every two years, at the beginning of June, Maritime Week with cultural and other events. Festival in Agia Marina on July 17th, in Neraida on August 15th, after Neraida in Vourlia place on July 20th, in Ai-Lia, there is a Sarakatsana festival. In Avlaki festival on May 2nd, in Loggitsi of Sotiros on August 6th and in Anhidros of Agios Dimitrios on October 26th.

The Musical and Cultural Association "Choir of Atalantis" with the cooperation of the Municipality, plan musical concerts and theater performances in the summer, while earlier in May the Choral Festival takes place with the participation of choirs from other parts of Greece. At the end of May there are events for those who fell in the Occupation. In August, 6 to 12, there is a very good bazaar and in early September wine festivals. The Nautical Club organizes sailing and swimming competitions in September. Carnival events take place in Atalanti, Exarchos, Megaplatanos and on Clean Monday in Skala and Tragana. Festivals take place in Skala Atalanti of the Ascension, in Kyrtoni on August 29, in Exarchos on May 9, in Megaplatano on July 20 of Prophet Elias, in Kalapodi of the Annunciation on March 25, in Tragana of the Holy Spirit, in Kyparissi of Zoodochos Pigi.
The municipality organizes every year: the Choral Festival with the participation of choirs from all parts of Greece, the Koulouma Carnival, the Sardine Festival and the Wine Festival.

In Kamena Vourla carnival events take place during Halloween. On May 17-18, procession of relics and events. Festival on July 27 of Agios Panteleimonos, on August 5-7 of Sotiros, in the Karya of the Holy Spirit. Religious events at the chapel of Blacherna (July 1-2). Cultural and sports events in July, among them the swimming crossing of Maliakou from Kamena Vourla opposite Rahes.

In November, anniversary events are organized for the blowing up of the Gorgopotamos bridge and the "Freedom Road". From Skamnos, on the second ten days of September and with participation from all over Greece and beyond, the "Passing of Asopos" takes place. Kumaritsi organizes cultural events on May Day.